Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Influenster Kiss Lashes Review

So, I'm a klutz.  It's pretty well known.  So when Influenster sends me out fake lashes, of all things to try, I'm like "Yay, free stuff!"  But I'm also kind of like "I'm gonna poke my eyes out!"

I decided to make this quick and dirty.  I slapped on a bit of makeup, didn't even do my brows (and they desperately need to be done!) and did my best.  I'm going to share some photos, then give my opinion on the pros and cons of these lashes.

The lashes:

No lashes:

One lash on:

Both lashes on:

First of all, the good - these are a much more natural look than the lashes I tried last time.  If I had managed to get them on straight, they would have looked lovely!  Also, the glue WAS IRIDESCENT.  Which brought out my inner three-year-old screaming PRETTY!!!  Haha so that was actually a bit distracting, but I really liked it.

The bad - despite the glue being pretty, I felt like it did not hold the lashes securely.  I had a really hard time placing them and getting them to just STAY PUT.  The corners kept popping up no matter how much I pressed and held them to where they needed to be.  Blah.

So if I had to grade these, I'd give them a solid B.  If I used a different glue, and took a bit more time, I really think these guys could work!

And just cause I don't want to leave you with random shots of my eyes, I did take a smexy selfie for Instagram before I took 'em off:

Hey there.  Hey.
Hoping you guys are having the loveliest of days!

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