Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodies Box April 2013

Good Morning all my wonderful readers!  I'm reviewing my April Goodies box, and I have to say, this box is rapidly going downhill.  I'm not to the point of cancelling yet (after all, it's only $7/mo), but if I continue to get a box full of energy bars and single-serving chips, I will be waving buh-bye to this sub.  I'm bummed about that, because Goodies was so great when I started.  I'd get things like entire boxes of cookies, or make new discoveries like Biscoff spread (it's like peanut butter - only made out of crushed cookies! NOMZ) or Barefruit's Cinnamon Apple Chips.  Now it's all stuff I'd never buy again.

I know, my completely underwhelmed reaction is totally making you excited to read this review, right? Sorry.  I promise, there were a few good things this month!

Hey, at least the box is pretty neat!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Nectresse and the Wonderful World of Smoothies

Here's the latest in product review posts from my Sugar 'N Spice Influenster box!  Here's my standard disclaimer shill - I got the Nectresse free from Influenster! Yay me!  Influenster isn't paying me to write this review (I wish, right!?)  I'm sharing with you a Nectresse recipe that I found as part of my latest obsession. Smoothies!


Sunday, April 28, 2013


It seems I've nicknamed my kids all too well.  This is what our living room looks like today:

St. George and the Dragon - by Paolo Uccello c. 1470
I'm the chick on the left, but instead of letting out cries of  "Save me, George!" it's more like "If you two do not stop wrestling I will turn the Wild Kratts OFF!"  But I digress.

It's been a few weeks and I thought I'd put out an update on the epic battle that I have dubbed "Potty Training a Dragon (Is Not For the Faint of Heart)."  In a previous post, I broke the process down into phases, and I'm happy to announce that we've moved up a phase!  Dragon is now attending pre-school in underoos! (and his elastic-waist pants collection is getting quite a bit of wear)  I ascribe it to the amazing efforts of his teachers.  It's one thing to chase my own kid around at home and ask him if he has to go potty every 20 minutes.  It's another thing entirely to keep a 3-year-old dry all day in a class of 15, several of whom are also in various phases of potty training.

We are now solidly in Phase III.  If you haven't read my previous posts, this means that Dragon is mainly in underoos, only switching to a diaper at night or for long (4+ hour) trips away from home.  It's seriously so cool!  I'm down to using 1-2 diapers a day, and WOW does that make a box last!  I can finally see a light at the end of the diaper-buying tunnel. *cue dramatic & inspiring music*

My main goal over the next few weeks is getting him to use a public toilet.  Doesn't have to be seriously public, just one that is not at our house or his school.  I remember that Knight went through something similar, but I don't remember doing anything specific to encourage public pottying.  He just "got over it" after a few weeks.  However, if any of you have hints on how you got your kid over this little potty phobia, please let me know in the comments! (Or drop me an email! Whichever works for you!)

My secondary goal is teaching Dragon to pee standing up.  I'm not sure how common this is, but I found it easier (with both boys) to teach them sitting down, and then later incorporate standing up.  Knight did well with using Cheerios to learn "aim", but Dragon gets mad that I'm using his precious cereal and will try to fish them out.  Seriously, you should have seen my *brilliant* idea to use goldfish crackers one day.  NUCLEAR MELTDOWN.  I quickly flushed it, got him a big bowl of them and a cup of milk, and we all took a time-out.

So that's our current status.  If you're another mom going through potty-training right now, or even if your little one isn't yet ready to start, remember that potty training is a PROCESS that can take days, weeks, or even (as in my case) months.  There will be setbacks and frustration as you figure out what works best for your little one.  If you're that ONE MOM whose kid just woke up one day perfectly potty-trained, congrats.  Pat yourself on the back and go get a congratulatory cup of coffee.  The rest of us will be cleaning up walls, floors, and toilet seats.  We'll be making those memories that will come in handy when making small talk with his first girlfriend.

Have any hints, creative ideas, or fun stories to share?  Leave them in the comments, or email me at amagicalmom@gmail.com!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Starlooks April 2013 Starbox

Finally! I did it!  I got a box, I took/edited pics, and I'm writing a post, ALL ON THE SAME DAY!  I'm totally getting back into my groove!  It really helped that my hubby read my "Thursday Thoughts" post, and told me he liked it.  It made me realize how much I love blogging, and getting feedback on it, whether from my husband, other bloggers, or even random strangers!  So I'm going to work towards dedicating more time to writing.

Oh, and to anyone who stumbled across this post via Google search or Facebook, sorry.  I promise we'll get to reviewing the Starbox in just a second.  And yes, I always am this self-indulgent and introspective.  Feel free to stick around for more!

And as this is my first Starlooks review, let me take a minute to tell you a bit about the company.  Instead of sending out makeup they source from different companies (i.e. Ipsy & Birchbox), Starlooks is a makeup brand that sends their own products in a subscription service.  Their cosmetics are made in the USA, using the same high-end labs as M*A*C, Smashbox, and Dior.  However, their prices are much lower!  Their subscription service is $15/mo (Plus $2.68 in shipping), and you receive FOUR FULL SIZE makeup items from their line!  I have loved every item I've received from this company, and their customer service is amazing.  The best part is, they sell any extra Starboxes for $25 (free shipping).  So if you don't want to take the gamble of the subscription, just check out their website, because $25 is still an awesome deal!

April's Starbox theme is "Festival."  Now that the weather is warming up, I need makeup that is light, wearable, and doesn't melt in the hot sun.  So I was really thrilled when they released the sneak preview "lookbook" for this month!

Image Source 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday, and time for Thursday Thoughts!  Man, I feel like I just wrote one of these. Where does the time go?  I'm linking up through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, 'cause she's the awesomest!

- I have now watched every single episode of That 70s Show.  I'd watched bits and pieces throughout the years while it was on, but man, watching all 8 seasons?  That was crazy!  And of course... now I need something new to watch.  I've been all about the British comedies and teacozy mysteries* lately, and I need some good recommendations from Netflix!

- My poor darling hubby is begging to get cable/satellite back so he can watch sports.  I'm trying to talk him into installing an antenna to get local channels, but he wants to watch our home team (Da Bengals!), which won't come through the local channels now that we live 10 hours away!  Does anyone have suggestions about online streaming programs (they don't have to be free, just less than the cost of cable each month!) for sports, especially the NFL?

- Dragon has been wearing big boy underoos to preschool this week, and he has gone three whole days without any accidents! Proud mama right here!  We've been working so hard with him at home, and his teacher suggested we start sending him in wearing underoos.  (I personally don't like Pull-Ups.  I know they're a valuable tool for some kids, but mine just view them as something else to pee in.)  And he's been so good!

- And, while I'm on the topic of mommy bragging, Knight has also been very well-behaved at school this week!  He has trouble paying attention sometimes (and I fully admit, he got that from me), but this week he's earned all of the smiley faces in his daily reports!  I definitely think he's improved since his Daddy came home. (I think we all have!)

- I am now on a no-buy for makeup for awhile, due to my fantastic haul at Ulta!  I will get makeup through my subs, but I won't be actively seeking out any new stuff.  I have a feeling I won't feel too deprived, because I get a lot of makeup through Ipsy, the occasional item through Birchbox, and a whole lot of awesomeness through Starlooks! (those are my three beauty subs. Don't ask me to pick a favorite, I love them all equally, but for different reasons!)

- And just in case you need to see something beautiful, here's a picture of the azalea bushes at my house!  We just bought the house late last summer, so I've never seen these babies in bloom... They're gorgeous!

Yay pretty flowers!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Holy Ulta Haul, Batman!

I  have exciting news.  There's a new Ulta by my house!  Hooray! (ok so it's exciting news for me)  We recently moved to a more rural area, and the closest Ulta was more than an hour away.  So when I saw one going up next to an (also recently built) Kohl's in my area, I was beyond excited.  Of course, having both stores together in one shopping center will be bad for my wallet, but oh so much fun!

Well, I got a flyer in the mail recently from Ulta, and was amazed and delighted to see a fantastic GWP!  (that's gift with purchase, for any of my readers that are not shopping-obsessed.)  With any $19.50 purchase of Ulta brand products, they're giving out a cute little bag full of makeup worth $88!  And to avoid having to describe the contents ad nauseum, I decided to just share the pic from their website:

Image Source

Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Box Beatdown! Ipsy v. Birchbox April 2013

Hello!  Due to a bunch of random personal crap, I'm behind yet again.  Know how I catch up?  By slyly combining two reviews into one with a Beauty Box Beatdown!  I know, how incredibly talented and clever and... yeah.  Saw the idea on (several) other blogs. Stole it.

Hopefully you have all gotten your Birchboxes and Ipsy bags by now!  For the past few months, they've been arriving at my house on the same day.  It's fun to pull everything out and compare it, but I think it would also be nice to spread the love out over a few days.  It's an awful lot to test at once!

Yup.  My favorite day of the month!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

It's time for Thursday Thoughts, linking up through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  No special edition this week, thankfully no field trips, car repairs, or other zaniness has been going on.  Just a nice, boring week.  THANK GOODNESS!  So here's what's going on in my head when my life is not a maelstrom of crazy.

- Wow my house gets dirty when I'm not around!  We've been super-busy running around ever since my hubby came home, and this is the first week I can just stay home while he's at work and the kids are at school.  Let me tell you, it's laundry, laundry everywhere!  And toys.  And all of my husband's work crap.  I am definitely not the perfect cleaning housewife, but dang.

- Ok, I gotta think up a blog name for my husband like I have for Dragon and Knight, but I have the feeling his head will start swelling if I just start calling him the King.  That, or he'll start randomly singing Elvis.  Suggestions?  I'm considering "The Dude", but that doesn't really fit into my magic/medieval theme.  Hmmm...

- I hate crab grass.  Hate it.  I've taken it upon myself to be the family's official crab grass eliminator, due to my hubby's foot injury (can't have the poor thing dragging himself around the yard), and it is EVERYWHERE.  No one mentioned this in the home-buying process!  And it has stinging nettles.  Not cool.  So my proven method is to lift up the leaves from underneath, dig in with a trowel, watch about 5 earthworms go slithering away, then pull the plant up by the roots.  And if you know a better way to get rid of it, let me know ASAP!

- I love that my hubby (The Dude? The Duke?  He likes John Wayne... hmmm....)  still does random romantic stuff.  He just sent me a "thinking of you" text, he put the teakettle on for me this morning without me asking, and he is so cuddly lately!  I love it!  In fact, I hear him coming home from work now, so I'm going to go give him a hug!  Love you honey!

And you, dear readers.  I love you, too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodies Box March 2013

Yup, still behind.  But catching up!  The good thing about waiting so long to write this review is that I've tried every item in this box!  So you get the real deal... not just "This looks yummy", but "This WAS yummy!"

Am I trying to sugarcoat my procrastination?  Possibly.  Let's just enjoy the review though...

Breakfast of Champions!

March's theme was "Rise and Shine", and contained several sample sizes of breakfast foods.  Of course, their definition of breakfast doesn't always jive with mine, so several of these items made excellent afternoon snacks.  (This is not their fault.  I can't stomach anything more than tea or a smoothie before lunch.)

Goooood Morning!

The first item is a Greek Yogurt coated granola bar by Rickland Orchards.  I got the Cranberry Almond flavor.  This is my problem with combination flavors.  I love cranberries, I hate almonds.  GAAAAAHHH.  I sucked it up and tried it anyway.  Greek yogurt?  More like Greek icing.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't my fave.  Moving on.

Adequate, but unmemorable.

Next we had the ubiquitous Belvita biscuits! These are pretty good, but very dry.  I always recommend having a large glass of water (or a gallon of milk, a quart of juice, or a jug of wine.  Your choice) nearby.  I seriously don't know if it's the cinnamon or grains that make me so darn thirsty, but seriously.  Sahara.  Also, these didn't give me any "sustained energy", I was hungry again an hour later.  So... kinda recommend?

Eat these if you need to drink more water!  You'll have no choice!

Ok, onto something I really liked! COOKIES!  Why has no one thought of breakfast cookies before?   The Erin Baker's Oatmeal Raisin Breakfast Cookie was like a regular oatmeal raisin cookie, but less sweet and more... oat-y.  The emphasis on the grains did make it feel more like breakfast, but honestly now I just want to have cookies for breakfast every day!

Bravo, Erin Baker's.
Well... that was the pinnacle of my box's achievements.  The rest of the items were given to my husband and kids, so I'll share their thoughts.  Knight ate the Triple Berry Newtons (I guess you can't call them Fig Newtons if they're a different flavor?), and liked them well enough, but he certainly hasn't asked for any more.  Also? These are MESSY.  They have that crumbly grain outer coating, and bits of it get everywhere. And of course, every bit of grain is connected to a tiny bit of sticky, squishy filling.  If you are a neatnik, avoid these!  

This company can claim decades of wreaking havoc on carpet.

My hubby, the granola connoisseur, declared the Vanilla Almond Ola! Granola to be "good, but a bit dry".  It's all-natural and handbaked, which explains why it may not be as sweet as the bigger brands, but it's not something I'll be seeking out.   

Adios, Ola!
Jovan's Instant Breakfast is also something that went to the hubsters.  He uses protein powder a lot, and I'm trying to talk him into using this as a substitute.  So far, no luck, but I may put it into a milkshake and try to serve it to the kids.  Poor Instant Breakfast... it's like the last kid picked for dodgeball.


Oh, look, here's the item that won the "Weirdest Drink EVER" award!  It was an Alo (no idea how to do the line above the "O") Comfort drink in Watermelon + Peach.  It tasted great!  But alas, it's made with real aloe juice AND PULP.  That's right, this drink is chewy.  Every time I took a swig, I almost choked on the pulp.  Thankfully, my honey didn't have the same "Argh!  I'm chewing my drink!" reaction and finished this off for me.  He actually wants more.  We'll see.

Darn you weird chewy drink!
And last, we have the most ADORABLE jar of Strawberry Preserves!  It's by Bonne Maman, and it was actually pretty decent.  Unfortunately, due to the jar size (yep, I had to take the picture with it pinched between two fingers) I only got to cover two pieces of toast.  It was good, but I seriously wish they had sent a larger sample.  I would not be willing to buy a big jar based on one (good, but not great) toast & tea experience.

But if they had more tiny jars, I'd buy them all!
So that's my breakfast box.  Some other bloggers figured out the cost of all these items, and I'm not going to break it down individually, but it was right around the $7 price. of the box.  This box has been underwhelming for a few months now, but my family always eats everything in the box (eventually...) and it's led me to several great food discoveries.  So I'm keeping Goodies!  They're also improving their communication about shipping times, and my April box should be shipping around the 24th of this month.  It's my goal to be completely caught up on reviews by the time it gets here!  Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

That's right, I'm back for another Thursday Thoughts link-up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  This one is special edition, though.  It's my "I just chaperoned a field trip for preschoolers along with my gimpy hubby" edition.  Lots of thoughts? Oh yes.  Let's get this party started.

- Why did I even agree to chaperone this trip?  Oh yes, because I have a preschooler, I am a stay-at-home-mom (can't use work as an excuse), and I really was kind of excited to see this place.  It was one of those play places for little ones (little as in anyone over 8 would probably be bored) with lots of sensory activities like water tables, pulleys, a "car mechanic" shop, a big fire truck to climb on, and toy train tracks.  And every area was pimped out (I'm sure there's a better way to phrase that, but I'm tiiiiired) beyond belief.  One water table?  Oh no, it was a multi-level area with pulleys, waterfalls, buckets, boats, and little aprons to keep the kids (partially) dry.  And I'm so proud, Dragon only tried to drink the water 5 times. *sigh*

- I loved having my hubby along, and we were both thrilled that he was able to go with us.  (His job is giving him some time off to heal and be with us, his loving family. heh.)  HOWEVER.  If you have a broken foot, and are presented with the opportunity to go on any sort of outing with preschoolers, just take it from me that it is NOT A GOOD IDEA.  You see, due to his speech/communication delays, Dragon is one of the more difficult children in his class.  His teachers have enough on their hands dealing with the kids outside of the classroom environment, without also having to constantly redirect Dragon when he gets frustrated.  That's why I go along.  So it just made things harder to keep Dragon focused and moving while also trying to make sure the hubster had his crutches, was ready to move on when we went to the next area, and was not in danger of being bowled over by a roving mob of exuberant toddlers.

- School bag lunches are crap these days.  I'm sorry, but when I was in elementary school and we went on field trips, the lunches that the school provided were AWESOME.  Chips, cookies, real peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, soda, etc.  Oh, I know it wasn't the healthiest, but there was never even a scrap of leftover food!  Guess what these kids got?  Well, there was a sandwich.  But no real bread, they use those round, flat little things.  And then they covered it in huge mounds of soy butter.  It tasted fine to me, but trust me, not one kid touched it.  Carrot sticks and pineapple bits finished the meal, with standard paper cartons of milk to drink.  I'll let you tell me how much of that stuff Dragon will actually eat.  Did I hear a "zero"?  Yeah, exactly.  I love my baby, but he hates fruits and veggies.   And while I am continually trying to have him try them, it was definitely not happening today.  Thankfully, I had packed some extras for him in my lunch (goldfish crackers, cheese, and turkey slices), so he had a good meal.  And I took home the carrot sticks and pineapple for snacks for Knight later.  The sandwich, amazingly enough, found a home in my hubby's belly.  Guess I might be buying some soy butter soon!

- I think the parents were more exhausted than the kids by the end of the day.  And of course, the little rugrats got to pass out on the bus on the way home (and thankfully, they let us just sign Dragon out and drive him home in our car).  I, however, had to drive.  Booooo.  Which is why, at 10:00 PM, I am heading to bed!  Big day tomorrow!  I get to drive my hubby to work!  Thankfully, I'm just dropping him off, one of his friends has offered to bring him home. Yay!  So I get to come home and tackle the giant mounds of laundry that have been breeding overnight in the baskets (Well, where do you think those extra socks come from?).  I know, aren't you just jealous of my cosmopolitan lifestyle?

-  Sometimes I think I come across as whiny and annoyed/dismissive of my life.  I hope you understand that it's mostly just my writing style (dry, sarcastic, and let's not forget the impeccable grammar).  I love my life, I understand that I'm both lucky and blessed, and I'm well aware that most of the things I complain about are first-world problems.  That's why I love this blog for letting me get stuff like this off my chest.  And I like to think that at least a few of you are like "hey great, here's a mom that doesn't pretend that a field trip with her kid is all sunshine and rainbows!"  That's right.  Because it's all fun and games til your kid tries to drink from the water table.

How was your Thursday?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cravebox Book and Beauty

I'm doing it!  I'm starting to catch up on reviews!  You'll be able to tell in a second just how far behind I am.  Let's just say I got this box before Easter.  In fact, I was all set to write and post this review when I found out that my hubby was coming home!  He was actually supposed to be gone for several more weeks, but he was in an accident and injured his foot.  I'm so happy to have him here, and I definitely knew that my blogging would drop a bit in frequency once he returned, but I didn't realize how much dealing with an injured hubby would wear me out!  Doctor's appointments, physical therapy, and errands, oh my!

With that being said, I almost decided to skip this review and get to some more recent arrivals.  But then I thought that would be cheating.  Also, this box is currently available as an Instant Box for $15 on the Cravebox website!  So if reading this post makes you want it, go get you some Book and Beauty!

Here is the glorious reveal:

Full size products? Be still, my heart!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Colgate Optic White Review

Today I'm reviewing the Colgate Optic White line I received for free (that's right!  FREE!) from my Influenster Sugar N Spice Voxbox.  I was rather skeptical at first, but it's made a good first impression.  My teeth are squeaky clean, and my whole mouth is tingly!  So, first of all, here's what I got:

They make everything so white, the whole room GLOWS.
Pretty standard stuff:  mouthwash, toothbrush, and toothpaste.  Both the toothpaste and the mouthwash are "Sparkling Fresh Mint" flavor, and the toothbrush is supposed to be the NASA-level, super spectacular variety of whitening toothbrushes.  So, how did all these items make my happy little mouth feel?  Let's find out!

First, the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste.  It definitely has a gritty texture, but that's a plus for me.  The gel toothpastes just never feel like they get my teeth totally clean.  And it wasn't a harsh grit, just a polishing, this-feels-like-it's-working texture.  My teeth even had a refreshing cool feeling after brushing!  Definite win on the toothpaste!  I will have to update after a few weeks and let you all know how the whitening goes.

Next, the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush in Soft.  I'm sure it takes a larger surface to fit in all that awesome technology, but HOLY WOWZA this is a giant toothbrush!  It doesn't help that I'm pretty petite - I have a tiny head, and therefore, a little mouth.  I've been known to buy children's toothbrushes because they just feel better.  However, I held it up next to a regular size toothbrush (my hubby's) and it's still big.  I'd say at least 25-50% larger than a "normal" toothbrush.  HOWEVER.  Aside from the size issues, it's pretty great!  There are little cuppy thingies among the bristles that help clean between your teeth, and on the back of the toothbrush head is a scrubby surface, so the inside of your cheeks get cleaned, too!  (By the way, don't you love all my scientific descriptions?  Cuppy, scrubby, gritty... I'm so articulate).  If they made a toothbrush in a smaller size, I'd be all over it.  However, I'm gonna give this one a four-week trial, and if I can't get used to the size, I'll have to toss it. This one gets a B+, because I love the concept, but not the execution.

Lastly, we have the Colgate Optic White Mouthwash!  I'm gonna have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of mouthwash in general, but I'm willing to give this one a try.  It's alcohol-free, and is supposed to be formulated to both remove current stains and prevent new ones.  This morning I brushed with my new toothpaste and toothbrush, flossed (of course!) and threw back some mouthwash!  I started swishing it around and then... bubbles.  So many bubbles!  And tingling!  I couldn't tell if it was a Christmas miracle or a physics anomaly (seriously, matter should not expand like that! I felt like it was about to displace my teeth, not whiten them)!  I didn't last the recommended 60 seconds... more like 20.  So, I'll be building up my tolerance on that stuff.

After using the complete Optic White line, my mouth feels not just clean, but sandblasted.  But in a good way!  And now, many hours later, my mouth still feels pretty darn good.  I'm off to brush/floss/rinse again, and of course I'll be inspecting my teeth for any signs of whitening.  Cross your fingers for me!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Yup, rollin' up late to the party this week!  Hopefully Ramblings of a Suburban Mom will forgive me.  So far, it's been much easier for me to post these "here's what's on my mind" posts than actual reviews, so please bear with me until I can get some time to write some reviews!  Here's what's on my mind today.

- I'm so incredibly happy that my hubby is home!  It has made life much easier... and much more difficult, as strange as that sounds.  I totally got used to doing everything my way, having a set schedule, and having TOTAL CONTROL of the remote!  Needless to say, I have forgotten the fine art of compromise.  I'm working on it, though.  

- My hubby dressed the kids for school this morning.  It was awesome, because it meant we actually got to leave on time this morning!  However, Knight ended up in Dragon's jeans (honest mistake, they have the same size waist, but the 4T's end up a bit short on Knight.  He wears 5T's with the adjustable waist pulled alllll the way in!).  Also, he somehow stuffed Dragon into a 2T longsleeve tshirt!  It almost took a shoehorn to get him out of it tonight.  Then he layered a striped polo shirt over it and added camo pants.  Ladies, I'm thinking of making a "Daddy Dressed Me Today!" button that we can throw on them as they go out the door for the days you want to make sure their teacher's aren't like "Did so-and-so's mom go colorblind overnight?"  I'll make millions! (And I started to say something, then I stopped, smiled, and thanked him for getting the kids dressed.  Compromise.)

- Had a total nerd moment today.  I was making tea, and after I poured the hot water into the teapot, I accidentally set the kettle down on a paper towel.  I mentally flipped out for a second - thinking I was going to set the house on fire - then I remembered:  Water boils at 212 degrees F, but paper doesn't ignite until Fahrenheit 451!  Thank you, Ray Bradbury.  So I didn't set the house on fire, and I know why!  Because SCIENCE.  Yay me!

- I've gotten the Belvita Biscuits twice in sub boxes this month (Influenster VoxBox and March Goodies).  They're yummy, but they are SO DRY.  Seriously, these are only an acceptable breakfast item if you remember to grab a gallon of water with 'em on your way out the door.  

- There is something wrong with our car.  AGAIN.  Thankfully, the house is still standing, and nothing's broken there (knock on wood) but if I can have just one month without some sort of repair bill, I'll be so happy.  I've been having something fixed at least once a month since November.  

- It's raining, so I plan on having an excellent night's sleep!  Somehow, rain is the best thing for getting me to sleep and not waking up 5x a night.  

Those are my Thursday Thoughts!  How are things in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I'm baaaaaaack!!!

Well hello lovely people!

I know, it's been awhile.  But I have spent my time away wisely, I swear.  And I have some exciting news!  My hubby is back!  Or as he prefers it... THE KING... HAS RETURNED.  He's adorable.

His job takes him away from us for months at a time, so it's always both exciting and chaotic when he returns.  Also, since the kids are getting older, they're finally realizing what it means to have Daddy come home!  Knight was especially excited - he has a special bond with his daddy and will not leave his side now that he's home.  Dragon's excited to have daddy home too, but he's a mama's boy at heart, so he's been a little jealous of all the attention I'm getting.  Needless to say, this house has gone from "well-oiled machine" to "three-ring circus" very quickly!

But I promised you reviews!  And reviews you shall have.  I'm catching up on photographing boxes and watermarking the pictures (because no one shall steal my crappy iPhone pics and claim them as their own!).  I also need to start writing my reviews on the individual items in my Influenster VoxBox.  So yeah, I'm behind.  And I'm sorry.  But you gotta admit, I have just about the best darn excuse ever!  I hope you are all having a lovely week, and I look forward to returning to our regularly scheduled entertainment.

The king is home... Long live the king!

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