Monday, August 26, 2013

Ipsy August 2013 Review

Heeeeey, guys!

It's been awhile, right?  I know.  There has been craziness.  Not bad craziness, but back-to-school, starting-my-job-hunt, husband's-work-is-insanely-busy, that kind of thing.  And as much as I love you all, I hope you understand that my family comes first.  However, things have settled down, the kids and I are getting used to the super-early wakeup time, hubby's work is settling down, and I'm in the "apply for everything online, then wait to hear back stage".  Hence, free time!

Oh, you didn't come here to hear about my life?  You want to know about my Ipsy bag this month?  Well... I GUESS I can do that... but first, the drama!  Oh hush, you love the drama.  And, it's Ipsy drama.  I was very thankful to get my bag fairly early, in good shape, and with everything intact.  However, for many others, this was not the case.  Ipsy ships via DHL, and apparently uses the lowest-cost option.  Bags were going to several different shipping hubs, many times WAY out of the way of their destination, before being handed over to the local post office for delivery.  And then, DHL claimed to hand bags over to the USPS... and the Post Offices were saying they never got them!  Bags were then arriving damaged, with missing items, with the seal opened, or not at all.  Ipsy has tried to do damage control, but they're now sending "leftover" items in the July bag! Ipsy subscribers are understandably upset, and there will be a shipping Q&A on Thursday hosted by Ipsy's President.  It will be interesting to hear the explanation.

And just when you think the drama's done... there's more drama!  There was also a huge issue with the bag variations this month.  Most notably, many subscribers got to try the AWESOME new Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks.  Yes, it was a trial size, but still.  The colors are gorgeous, the staying power is insane, and it was a highly coveted item.  So, what happened if you didn't get the lipstick?  You get... a lipbalm!  Now, it's a nice lipbalm by Noya, it's kosher, and apparently they smell amazing.  Still.  There were many, many upset people who received lip balms this month.  All told, the monetary values for the August bag varied from about $25 to over $50.  Yes, it's still a great deal to get $25 worth of stuff for only $10.  But there was much bag envy this month.

I'm telling you about the drama because (well, drama makes the world go round.  And yes, I love a good drama.  But also because) I like to be honest.  I will be RAVING about my bag this month.  I received it quickly, it was a high value bag, and I loved the items I received.  I just wanted you to have the whole picture.  And without further ado - yes, I know, there was a lot of "ado" to get to this point - my August Ipsy Bag!


So many pretties!  And yes, as you can tell, I was one of the lucky people to get the UD lipstick (sample size, 0.03 oz, worth $7.33).  Let me jump right in and tell you about this bad boy.  First of all, the packaging is beautiful:

The advertising tagline for this lipstick is "Creamy, Badass Luxury".  The color names on these lipsticks are also a bit risque, including shades like F-Bomb, Bang, Streak, Turn On, and the one I received, 69.  The other shade sent out in the bags is Anarchy, a super-bright pink.

I would describe 69 as a "hot red".  It's definitely deeper than a pink, but lighter than a classic red.

I took a selfie wearing it about 10 seconds after I opened the bag.  (I was wearing no other makeup, so I took the liberty of airbrushing my skin in my photo-editing software.  I didn't touch my lips, though.)

Well, look at me all soft and glowy!  I could get addicted...
This picture is in natural light, and I really thought it was a deep pink until I saw it swatched against Anarchy and some of the other reds (F-Bomb is really close to this color, but is more of a true red.)  And can I just say when I opened my bag and saw the Urban Decay lippie, I SCREAMED super-loud and scared the crap out of my hubby.  I was happy to get this color, I think it's awesome, and after I put this on (at about noon, when my mail came), it lasted through lunch, running errands, driving 3 hours to the beach (yay long weekend!), and all the way til about 11 PM that night, when I had to SCRUB it off with a makeup remover wipe.  I'm in love.  I've already bought a full-size, more muted shade called Manic.  I'm just a little addicted, I swear.

OK, the lipstick wasn't the only thing in the bag.  Moving on.  The next item I pulled out was a mascara.  I will NEVER HAVE TO BUY MASCARA EVER AGAIN.  I have so many stored up from my subs that I could line them up around the world!  Or at least the length of my bathroom counter!  But if anyone wants to send me more of Benefit's They're Real mascara, feel free.  Sadly, it was not this mascara in my bag.  And from others' reviews, this Pixi Lash Booster Mascara (sample size 0.105 oz, worth $7.14) is nothing special.  Good for everyday wear and all, but it's not rocking anyone's socks, if you know what I mean.

Mascara. Meh. Moving on.
Now we're back up with the excitement factor, because the next item is a mask!  I love beauty masks, and I've recently fallen in love with Origins' Charcoal Mask.  It's awesome for drawing gunk out of my pores, and getting that deep clean feeling.  So when I pulled out the Michael Todd Pumpkin Facial Mask (sample size 1.0 oz, worth $10), I was beyond excited!  I love masks.  I love pumpkin.  I LOVE THIS MASK.

FYI, it smells amazing.
I've already used it once, and it really made my skin glowy and awesome!  I do recommend really moisturizing afterwards, though.  It makes my skin feel pretty tight.

Two more items to go!  These were the variation items.  Other people received a MicaBeauty eyeshadow in Bronze, Nailtini Nail Laquer in Mai Tai, Smashbox Primer, CityColor Cheek Stain, or NYX Blush.  I received Pacifica's BB Cream in Alight (sample size 0.34 oz, worth $5.44), and Chella's Eyebrow Pencil in Dazzling Dark Brown (full size 0.09 grams, worth $18!).  

These were pretty much the exact variations I wanted!  I already have another of this exact BB Cream.  It's too dark for me on its own, but when mixed with my regular BB Cream, it darkens and sheers it to the perfect summer shade.  The only drawback is that it's VERY sparkly, but once again, mixing it with a matte shade tames it to a nice glow.

The Chella Brow Pencil was the one item I really wanted from all the variations.  I don't have any brow pencils, and I've been creating little holes in my eyebrows recently when I pluck them.  Yaaay for being a klutz!  This little darling will be very useful for me.

The final verdict?  My Ipsy bag ROCKED!  I got the items I wanted, right down to the shades and variations, and the total value of the bag is $47.91!  Wow!   I'm not touching my IpsyMatch Quiz ever again!  I finally seem to have found the right quiz answers.  And if you want to get a bag of your very own, feel free to use my Ipsy referral link!  It won't let you skip the line or anything, and it will get me an extra beauty item for every two people who sign up using my link.

Thanks for reading my review!  Hopefully I'll have more of them up this week, and I'll be posting more regularly from now on!  I hope you're having an amazing day!


  1. That UD lipstick is gorgeous on you!! I got the lip balm in cherry. I like lip balms so I wasn't too upset over not getting the UD lipstick. I just kind of wish I would have gotten the vanilla scent. The cherry is nice, but the vanilla sounds delish! I seem to never get the "coveted" or the popular name brand stuff. I didn't get the benefit mascara when they sent that out either. Could you share your quiz answers?
    I received the scrub instead of the mask. I have used it once and it's nice. Leaves skin sooo smooth. I also received the BB cream and brow pencil. Thanks for the tip on making the BB cream less glow-y!

    1. Thank you, Roxane!

      I'm glad you like your lip balm! I honestly think that the stuff you receive has a lot to do with the looks you "love" on the Ipsy site. I have a lot of Mad Men and vintage stuff picked out, with bold lips and brows, so I think that's how I got the UD and Chella. I also went and "loved" EVERY Pacifica product they had back in May. Good luck for your Sept bag!

  2. OMG lol! I cracked up with "Mascara. Meh. Moving on."!!! I totally felt the same! And what is this airbrushing within a photo editing?! How can I do this?! The only editing I ever do is color adjusting when my iPhone changes the true coloring of anything. I NEED AIRBRUSH! LOL

    1. Haha! I use the site to do all my photo editing - adding watermarks, cropping, and of course, AIRBRUSHING! It's actually pretty easy, you just click on the airbrush tool, and click and drag, and everything gets all glowy and perfect in its path!

      (and honestly, I'm jealous of all of you with your cool understated watermarks. I made mine obnoxious so people wouldn't use my photos elsewhere, but I really love the cute little logo ones!)

    2. Oh my goodness, bless your heart, I just used a font tool in Gimp lol! I downloaded what I considered to be a cute little font and just wrote The Charming Cheshire and saved it as a brush. So all I have to do is open up the brush tool, size it where I want and click once! Easy peezy! I really want a cuter one though. ::blush:: I was actually thinking yours was freakin' ADORABLE!

    3. Haha I've never heard of Gimp before now... I'm going to check it out! I just used the picture tools in iPiccy to create mine, saved it as a .png file so I can sheer it out as a watermark if I want to, and I can just drop it in!

      Ah, the wonderful world of blogging... lol!


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