Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts!  I'm thinking... I'm thinking...  I got nothing.

Just kidding!  This brain is BUZZING!

Here's what's on my mind today!

- BzzAgent HATES me.  It's the only explanation.  I haven't had a campaign in months, I barely get any surveys, and now they're randomly playing with my score.  It's OK, though.  Influenster loves me, I just won two Brand Challenges, so I'll be getting some cool stuff in the mail soon! Oh, and my Lifeway Kefir badge just updated!  For some reason, my blog post wasn't getting approved.  All fixed now.  Yayz!

- Payday!  I'm so happy.  Yep, we're one of those awesome families that gets paid twice a month.  Which makes the second half of the month just freakin torture.  Especially when it's a month with 31 days!  So, YAY for the first of the month!

- Today is the day that the new Bondi box ships!  It's a new nail polish subscription, born out of "Glossygate."  If you're not up on the drama, Glossybox, a sub box that I tried and HATED, did a collaboration box with a blogger/artist named Dallas Shaw.  Bondi, a nail polish company, did a new line of colors specifically for that Glossybox, then at the 11th hour there was a huge dispute between Bondi and Dallas Shaw, the polishes were pulled, and Bondi came out of the whole thing with a reputation for honesty, clarity, and amazing customer service AND communication.  They then decided to do their own subscription box, and OF COURSE I signed up to be one of the very first customers!  If you are beyond bored and want to read up on all the drama, here's the MakeupTalk thread about the whole situation.  Have fun, there's 39 pages of info to dig through!  Here's a link for the Bondi Box.  They don't have a referral program (yet!) so that's not an affiliate link.  So yeah, I'm superdupes excited!

Image Source

- The Ipsy Sneak Peek with a Urban Decay lipstick vs. a Noya lip balm is still bugging me.  The good news is, there are a lot of ladies on MakeupTalk who have said they'd prefer the balm, so I have high hopes of a trade if I end up with one.  I'm also excited to see what the rest of the previews are!  C'mon, August boxes!  Make me happy!

- I'm taking the boys out shopping this afternoon.  We need some more craft stuff!  Summer has just completely depleted our supplies.  Hopefully between summer clearance and back-to-school deals, I'll be able to get stuff at good prices.

- I'm thinking of cancelling Starlooks.  I love the brand, I love the makeup, I just have TOO MUCH.  (Not possible, right!?)  They have one more month to knock my socks off, and of course I had to stay for August because I'll get a special birthday present from them!  But I'm all stocked up on basics, and I don't need any more neutrals.  GIVE ME COLOR!!!

- Actually, I'm putting all my subs on notice!  For this month, I went a little wild, because 1) It's my birthday month, and 2) No, really, just because it's my birthday this month!  I'm getting the usual Birchbox, Ipsy, Starlooks, Goodies, and I'm adding Bondi for this month.  I promised myself I'd pick between Starlooks and Bondi, Goodies is pretty much gone after this month (although I'm getting a free box in Sept because I've gotten enough review points to cash in!), and Ipsy and Birchbox are probably sticking around.  I'm also getting some free stuff (YAY!) from Influenster (the two Brand Challenge Prizes), and a compensation package for a study I did for L'Oreal's consumer testing program.  Have I mentioned it's my birthday month?  Apparently I managed to get the word out quite nicely!

- And just for you guys, here's the brand new Ipsy sneak peek!  The caption reads:  "Skin Perfection is in session with one of these awesome August Glam Bag items!"  Any ideas?

Image Source

So that is the ever-constant, swirling maelstrom of thoughts running through my head.  A few things - yes, I know that this is a list of highly superficial thoughts.  I promise you, there is a lot more on my mind.  They're just not things I'm going to share with THE WHOLE WORLD.  So hopefully you're OK with reading about my first-world problems.  Because who else am I going to share them with?  My poor hubby's eyes just glaze over when I start geeking out about makeup, and my boys just want to talk about dinosaurs.  However, I count my blessings, and I'm so glad to have YOU!

Be awesome today!


  1. happy birthday month!!! i am SO glad mine is over :) i think i'm skipping nail polish entirely in august. even bondi. SIGH.


    1. Thank you! And happy belated birthday! It's definitely a nail polish month for me... Bondi box, and BOTH of my Influenster prizes include polish! (It's the only reason I was able to resist buying a second Bondi box!) I will be all set for awhile after that though... I have so much that I'm starting to accidentally buy duplicates!


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