Monday, June 24, 2013

The Next Three Weeks

Well, we made it!

We had safe travels, including a 2-night stay in Tennessee with my mommy (she's an artist-in-residence at a summer camp in the Smokies every year) and we had so much fun hiking and playing in the mountains!  Dragon and Knight are now very proud of their daddy's prowess in finding small mountain critters. He caught a caterpillar, which immediately pooped on him.

Best quote from Knight EVER:  "Daddy!  That caterpillar thought you were a toilet!"

And my darling husband also managed to find two little crawdads in a stream.  We popped them into a cup we had with us and let the boys watch them swim around.  Of course, we then released them back into the water, with a story to tell their friends.  "No, Bob, I swear!  One of the kids just yelled THE WHOLE TIME!" (Dragon did a good job scaring off wildlife with his constant stream of noise)

Oh, and just FYI, if you have kids and take a nature-y vacation, pack WAY more clothing than usual.  The boys went through three outfits a day.  There was the morning/breakfast outfit that lasted til they played in a stream and immediately fell in.  There was the "here's some dry clothing" outfit that lasted through a hike and then a deliberate "go get wet!" playing in another mountain stream.  And then there was a "let's all take a shower and go into town for dinner" outfit that (thankfully) lasted til bedtime.

We're now in the Cincinnati area for vacation/visiting our family.  I'll be posting, just not very often, or with any regularity.  Also, any of my sub boxes are being held at our post office back home until we get back (can't WAIT to see the look on my mail carrier's face when she delivers 3 weeks worth of mail!  Ahahaha!)  However!  I will still have a few reviews.  I have the PopSugar June box coming here (Jennifer of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom was kind enough to send the box I won here to my aunt's house!  Thank you!)

I also ordered some samples of eyeshadow pigments from Glamour Doll Eyes.  I have heard nothing but amazing reviews on MakeupTalk and I'm so excited to try them!  I fully expect to go completely insane over the color Fiji Mermaid.  Aaaand, I *WILL*  be ordering the Solar Palette from Pacifica on July 1st.  According to their FB page, it will be 30% off for the first week of July!  I'll also be looking for other codes to stack (Pacifica lets you use multiple discount/free product codes in one order.  For this, they have my eternal love).  I'll be back to let you know how much I saved!

Solar Palette!  Image Source 

Ok, that's all for now.  Ready to see some family and get my relaxation on!  Have fun today, and be amazing!


  1. lol i am still digging out. i have 2 boxes left from all the travel, 2 giant piles of empty boxes, and now i have 3 more sitting on my bed... oy.

    1. Hahaha oh no! But still... what a FUN situation to be buried in! An avalanche of subs! Wheeeeee!!!


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