Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Wait, it's Thursday again?  When did that happen?  Time for linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

Here's what's on my (admittedly vacant, with mis-firing synapses everywhere) mind today!

- If you guys remember, I did a Cravebox giveaway a few weeks ago.  One day before the giveaway ended,  Cravebox went out of business.  (Yay me, right?)  However, I had hundreds of entries, and decided to pick a winner anyway and see what happened.  The lovely Mary won, and even though Cravebox never replied to my "seriously, dudes?" email, I was able to construct a box that was fairly similar to the Pamper Me box she requested.  It's sitting on my dining room table now, and will be mailed out today.  Mary, thank you for your patience, I seriously hope you win another blog contest soon where the company doesn't go out of business!  I'll post a pic of her box of goodies (and a more complete version of this story) once I know she's received it!

- And in a lesson on good karma, I just WON a June PopSugar box from the very blog that I link up with, Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  Actually, here's a link to her review for this box!  I always love seeing the items in the PopSugar box, but at $35/mo, it's a bit beyond my budget.  This month has an AMAZING scarf, as well as other goodies from Juice Beauty, Popcorn Indiana, the new Revenge Wears Prada hardback book, and yes... EVEN MORE.  I'm so excited, and so grateful!  Thank you, Jennifer!  (Aha!  I found one of her famous picture collages of the box contents.  The pic below is her work.  Not mine.  I hope to someday be this talented.)

Image Source
- Packing.  I hate packing.  We are going to be gone for THREE WHOLE WEEKS visiting family!  We're going to be hanging out, relaxing, dropping the kids off with relatives so we can have kid-free dates for the first time in over a year (seriously!), and it'll be awesome.  BUT.  I have to pack clothing, toiletries, swim stuff, accessories, electronics, snacks, and of course because Dragon is still addicted to his little froggy potty, a freakin' toilet.  Kind of surprised we're not bringing the kitchen sink too, because why not?  And yes, my hubby does pack his own bag!  But packing for three people is no picnic.  Honestly, it's getting better.  Babies need so much more stuff than kids - you have no idea how grateful I am to not have to pack a ton of diapers and a pack'n'play. And a stroller.  So it's better. But still, a wee bit stressed right now!

- I got eight hours of sleep last night!  It's always my fault that I don't get much sleep, because I love kid-free time at night to surf MakeupTalk, talk to my hubby, and watch my new favorite show... Flying Wild Alaska!   You see, I could never live in Alaska.  I hate the cold, I love modern creature comforts, and the last time a bug landed on me I swatted it off and snarled "Get off me, NATURE!"  But I do love watching shows about environments I have no intention of entering (Like Alaskan reality shows, prison reality shows, and survivalist shows).  So yay for sleep last night, and keep making reality shows, Alaska!  I may even visit someday.  In July.

And that's about it for my poor little brain.  That's right, 4 thoughts is about all I can handle right now.  Posting may be sporadic for the next few weeks, thanks for your understanding as I re-learn how to get through a restaurant meal without a 3-year-old on my lap, a 5-year-old crawling under the table, and the judgmental glares of those around me.



  1. talk about good karma! i saw that "Leigh" won and I wondered if it was you.

    that is terrible of them! but you are an awesome person!

    1. Thanks! But she won, and no way was I going to let her go without a prize, especially with all my samples and freebies hanging around the house ;)

  2. How fab is this?! You know, I just signed up for PopSugar and I'm SUCH a sad Cookie that I missed this box looks amazing!

    BTW, I tagged you in a Beauty Blogger Tag! I hope you enjoy it!

    1. I know, the second I saw the scarf I was like *eep* sad face!! I wants it and there's no way I'm paying $62 for it! I'm so glad you signed up for it, I can't wait to live vicariously through your PopSugar blog reviews!


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