Monday, July 29, 2013

Lifeway Kefir Review (Influenster)

How are you beating the summer heat?  A/C? Fans?  Lots and lots of ice cream?  I tend to go for the last option, even though it packs on those pounds!

Thankfully, Influenster (love those guys!) helped me find a better frozen treat this summer... Lifeway Kefir!  What is kefir, you say?  (Don't worry, I had the same question!)  It's a lot like yogurt, but there's a different fermentation process, and kefir has an increased amount of probiotics.  For more information, check out this explanation from Oprah's website... apparently it's a superfood!

Oh, and for what it's worth, here's the definition from the back of one of Lifeway's product boxes:  "What is Kefir?  With an army of good bugs to kick the bad bugs out of your belly, Kefir is a supercharged cousin of yogurt.  Creamy and tart, it makes a delicious drink or frozen snack.  Try some today and see why folks have been enjoying Kefir for thousands of years!"

Kefir comes in many different forms, and I've actually tried their kefir that comes in pouches - it's marketed towards kids, and it's called ProBugs.  We got the Orange Creamy Crawler flavor.  My kids weren't too fond of it - they didn't like the tangy flavor.  However my husband was happy to suck down the rest of the pouches!

I really liked the health benefits, and decided to find a form of kefir that my kids would eat!  And that's where Influenster stepped in, by offering me a coupon for a free Lifeway product of my choice!  Well, sure!  And thanks!

So off I went to the grocery store, and devoted myself towards finding the perfect kefir snack.  I decided to stick with their ProBugs line (marketed towards children) so out went most of the kefir drinks, pouches, and frozen items - although the frozen Tart and Tangy Kefir in Pumpkin is ON MY LIST.  And then it hit me - FROZEN KEFIR!  It's like ice cream!  And sure enough, they had ProBugs Frozen Kefir in Strawnana Split!

*Cue the Trumpets of Victory!*

For Knight, it was love at first lick.  He will eat these things all day!  And guess what?  My picky eater... my won't touch veggies, hates fresh fruit, would happily survive on chicken nuggets and goldfish crackers, Mr. Dragon himself?  He likes it!  He really likes it!  Ok, he'll eat about half of a kefir pop (and then I get the rest!).  Which makes me so happy.  This crazy kid will rarely touch anything healthy, so it's a total win if he'll try something new.

Kefir pop for one, madame?

And of course, being a good mom, I checked out the nutrition panel.  Only half a gram of fat, 70 calories, and 13g of carbs per pop.  It also has 3g protein and 10% of the daily calcium recommendation.  I will be putting the "good tummy bugs" part to the test once the kids go back to school.  I know that school is just a giant petri dish of germs, and Dragon is particularly susceptible to tummy bugs.  If these little tubes of awesome get me through a school year without me having to pick up a pukey kid, they will be officially worth their weight in gold!

Give Dragon ALL THE KEFIR!

Thanks for listening, and putting up with my whacky photo captions.  As always, the products I receive from Influenster are complimentary.  My reviews are completely honest, and I receive no compensation for them from either Influenster or Lifeway Kefir.  If you've had any experience (good OR bad!) with kefir, please share in the comments below!

Stay awesome!

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