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Notoriously Morbid - Review & Swatches

Ah, my new obsession.  Eyeshadow Pigments!  They're pretty much the coolest!  Also, the companies I buy them from tend to be independent, one-woman shows, so I totally feel great giving my money to these creative ladies instead of a large corporation.

My last review was for Glamour Doll Eyes (GDE), and this time I'm reviewing Notoriously Morbid!  Cool name, right?  I stumbled across them when reading another beauty blog and found that blogger's review on Notoriously Morbid.  Please feel free to check out Ashley's blog, she has some great reviews!  I loved her swatches, so I checked out the website and... OMG THEY WERE HAVING A GWP SALE!  Well, you know that's my weakness!  For that day only, Notoriously Morbid was offering a free full size of Stripper Zombie with any $10 purchase.  It was almost 10 PM when I found the site, but you bet I had an order in by midnight!

I loved two of the sample packs, and then ordered a few single shades.  Notoriously Morbid also sent me two free samples in addition to the free full size.  She's generous as well as awesome!  Let's check out some colors!

***All swatches are done with a clean Q-Tip over Urban Decay' Primer Potion on the inside of my forearm***

The first Sample Pack I ordered was Green is in Season.  There were four colors - Mint to Die for, Night Time in Emerald City, Green Goblin, and Welcome to Vinnland.  Green is my favorite color, and four different shades is just perfect for me!

Mint to Die For - described on the site as "a semi-matte mint for an added twisted classic look", this color is the *perfect* summertime pop of color!  It is mostly matte, with only a few sparkles showing up in the picture with a flash.  I'm going to wear this alone, or with a darker green blended in the corner.

Night Time in Emerald City - "A dark grayish green with lots of sparkle for a mysterious nighttime look whether you live in the Emerald City or not."  This is an amazing green that borders on being a neutral.  It's a steel gray that pops with green shimmer in the light.  It will be awesome for a daytime look with a twist!

Green Goblin - "A grayish green that's exploding with blue sparkle, high shimmer" means that this grayish green is NOT a neutral!  The blue/green shows as a rich shimmer over the gray, and shows as a more warm, botanical green.

Welcome to Vinnland - "A semi-matte dark green that borders on going black.  Still packed with light green sparkles."  What a beautiful, intense color!  It will be awesome as the darkest color in a smoky green eye.  Or as a liner.  I'm still deciding!

From L-R:  Mint to Die For, Night Time in Emerald City,
Green Goblin, and Welcome to Vinnland

Indoors, no flash

Indoors, with flash

The next sample pack I ordered is Pretty Pop of Color.  It contained another green (naturally) and two purples.  The colors are Tenorsman's Tears, Morgana, and Poisoned Grapes.  And these colors... are AMAZING!

Tenorsman's Tears - "A unique and complex color play of blue and seafoam green" is a fantastic description.  It's definitely more blue than Mint to Die For, and much more shimmery.  I think it will go perfectly with Fiji Mermaid from GDE!

Morgana - "A beautiful purple that is very deceiving, it goes on blue with a purple duochrome."  Seriously, where has this color been all my life?  It's a rich and beautiful indigo that balances perfectly on the border of blue and purple.  The shimmer aspect is mainly purple, and it's going on my eyes the next time I have a night out with the hubs!

Poisoned Grapes - "A gorgeous shiny purple that borders on metallic!"  I consider this a very light purple, almost lilac.  And how can you go wrong with a metallic lilac?  This will pair well with silver for an amazing daytime look.

From L-R:  Tenorman's Tears, Morgana, Poisoned Grapes

Inside, no flash

Inside, with flash


 Now for the two colors I selected individually.  Guess who just can't get enough green? (Um... me.  It's me)  However, for the other one, I branched out in a completely opposite direction and went for a peach color.  Ladies and Gentlemen (probably mostly Ladies), meet Andorian and Tempest!

Andorian - "A shiny gray-blue with an icy duochrome".  Well... maybe.  I say it's green.  But that's me.  Maybe I just want it to be green?  Who cares, it's still pretty!

Tempest - "A peach metallic with gold sparkles".  This color pops, and sings!  It has a much warmer duochrome than another recent peach I received (Juicy Mango from GDE), and is a great color to blend into my crease, over my Mary Lou-Manizer!  So many possibilities with this one!

From L-R, Andorian, Tempest

Inside, no flash

Inside, flash

Outside (sorry, my camera refused to focus, and the sun was blinding me)

 And, last but definitely not least, my freebies!  In addition to the free GWP of Stripper Zombie, Notoriously Morbid sent me sample baggies of Trenchcoat and Lunatic Shrilling.  Are you noticing a fun and fantastic theme with these names?  They're amazing!  And I'm sure they're full of pop culture references that I just don't get!  (OK, I get a few of them... Nighttime in Emerald City, from Oz, and Morgana, from King Arthur/Camelot.  Obviously my knowledge ends after classic literature.)

Trenchcoat - "A taupe brown with with silver sparkle" - Yay taupe, my favorite neutral! Most of my taupes have a warm sparkle, so it's great to have a cooler-toned one!  I kind of over-loaded on neutrals in my GDE order, so I didn't order any from Notoriously Morbid, but I'm really glad I still got to try one!  It's beautiful, and I'm going to use it up fast!

Stripper Zombie - "A grayish green, packed with gold sparkles" hmmm, gold sparkles are not what I think of for zombies.  STRIPPER zombies on the other hand... perfect!  To me it's a bright apple green, so I'll be able to wear this other times of the year than Halloween.  And I have a huge amount to get through, so I better get crackin'!

Lunatic Shrilling - "A dark purple gray with copper sparkles."  This is much more of a "true" purple than Morgana, but contrary to the description, I see more silver sparkle than copper.  I like it, but I think I have a similar color in a pressed eyeshadow.  Hmm, will have to see which one has more color payoff!  I'm betting the loose pigment!

From L-R:  Trenchcoat, Stripper Zombie, Lunatic Shrilling

Indoors, no flash

Indoors, with flash


 OK, here's my final thoughts - I love these, and will totally be ordering more.  Shipping was fast (always a big plus in my book!) and I loved that I could pay with PayPal.  My one and only issue with these shadows is that they did stain my skin.  I was wearing Urban Decay's Primer Potion underneath all of the swatches, and I still had to scrub pretty hard to get all of the color off my skin for the next swatches!  The light colors and warm colors (like Tempest and Poisoned Grapes) came off easily, but the dark, cool colors (like Welcome to Vinnland and Morgana) were much harder to get off.

I loved my experience with Notoriously Morbid.  I even got a cute note in the envelope thanking me for my order.  I love little personal touches like that!  Oh, and by the way, I was not asked to do this review, nor was I compensated.  She actually has no idea I'm writing it!

So, what do you think?  Are you thinking of placing an order?  Which one is your favorite color?

Have a fantabulous day!


  1. Man, you are terrible for my budget! Haha! ;) I ordered, and LOVED, a bunch of samples from Glamour Doll Eyes after you did that review, and now I'm probably going to order some more from this one (and I'm loving that a bunch of her names are Doctor Who related - that's my favorite show)! I'm kind of like you with getting quite a few in one color - my color is purple.

    1. Haha! If it helps, I'm pretty bad for my own wallet, too! But there are so many pretty things to buy... They have a LOT of amazing purples, go have fun!


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