Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

Whoo!  First Thursday Thoughts since getting home from visiting family/vaca for 3 weeks!  I missed you all!  And I know you missed me too... hahaha!!!

Sooo.... What's on my mind today?

-  My mom is traveling right now, so I'm worried.  She's amazing, and I know she'll get through it just fine, but you know... I just always worry.  She's my Mommy.  Safe Travels, Mom!

- I *LOVE* getting boxes again!  It was actually kind of hard not getting mail for 3 weeks!  I did have a few deliveries, in fact one of them was thanks to Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  (Yup... the awesome host of this linkup!)  I always try to enter her giveaways because she has amazing ones, and I managed to WIN a June PopSugar box!  I know I already posted about winning in my last Thursday Thoughts post, but it's so much better now that I have the box in my happy little hands!  The scarf... oh, the scarf!  I am loving every item in the box, so thank you SO MUCH to Jen for the giveaway!

- I just found out that the boys are going back to school on August 19th.  Am I the only one that thinks this is incredibly early?  Knight will actually get to have his birthday at school! I never thought that would happen! Oh well... hopefully no one will hate me for sending in cupcakes the first week of school.  The upside is they'll have a full two weeks at Christmas, and they'll be out by June 4th.  Should be an interesting school year!

- I actually have most of the back-to-school-supplies shopping done!  We were at Wal-mart the other night (not my favorite, but hey) and saw their $0.50 packs of crayons, and remembered they were on the list for Knight!  I pulled up the boys' back-to-school lists on my phone, and started throwing pencils, crayons, glue sticks, and notebooks in the cart.  Now my question for you all is... how many glue sticks would you reasonably expect a 1st-grader to go through?  I thought I was doing well with buying 8 until I saw a friend on FB whose kindergartner's list is asking her to buy 20!  Knight's list didn't specify a quantity.  I'm thinking if I end up back at Walmart soon, I'll just buy a bunch more... they did ask us to donate extra quantities if we can.  I just don't know what qualifies as "extra" in this case!

- BOTH of my kids now throw fits when they lose at Candyland!  Dragon has never cared one bit (he just likes moving his piece around randomly and giggling when he gets caught), but I'm trying to get him more involved, because with his speech delay he's fallen behind on learning things like colors and counting.  Unfortunately, it seems to have worked too well, and he threw a royal fit today when Knight won (No amount of card-reshuffling would have worked to help Dragon.  Knight drew the Cinnamon Bun card on his third turn!).

I hope you're having a spectacular day!  Hugs!


  1. Ugh. I dread the day that I have both kids fighting about winning at things. There can only be ONE winner and they gotta figure that out!

    And congrats again on winning! I do love that scarf!

    1. Thank you! Just wait til the kids start arguing over which TV show to watch! I have had them come to blows over Ninjago vs. Dinosaur Train!


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