Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodies Box April 2013

Good Morning all my wonderful readers!  I'm reviewing my April Goodies box, and I have to say, this box is rapidly going downhill.  I'm not to the point of cancelling yet (after all, it's only $7/mo), but if I continue to get a box full of energy bars and single-serving chips, I will be waving buh-bye to this sub.  I'm bummed about that, because Goodies was so great when I started.  I'd get things like entire boxes of cookies, or make new discoveries like Biscoff spread (it's like peanut butter - only made out of crushed cookies! NOMZ) or Barefruit's Cinnamon Apple Chips.  Now it's all stuff I'd never buy again.

I know, my completely underwhelmed reaction is totally making you excited to read this review, right? Sorry.  I promise, there were a few good things this month!

Hey, at least the box is pretty neat!

I already pretty much knew the contents of this box (thank you, MakeupTalk forum!), and for all the items that weren't very exciting, there was one that I knew would totally save the box.


Wine Gift Card!  And $50 in wine from a $7 box is a pretty darn good deal!  I've checked out the website, and the wines are usually sold in packs.  In fact, you can't place an order for under 6 bottles (Ha, like that'd be hard).  You do have to spend at least $51 to use the card, and there's a $10 shipping fee.  So, however it goes, I'll be out at least $11.  I'll let you all know if I find something good to use it on.

Not sure how this would pair with the wine...

The first actual food item was Kettle Corn by Angie's Popcorn.  For some reason, I don't like sweet stuff on my popcorn, so I've promised it to Knight if he gets a smiley face from his teacher today!  (This is why I probably won't cancel my subscription.  SOMEONE in this family will eat everything in the box!)

Wow.  It even LOOKS boring.

This was a Cashew & Coconut "truebar" from Bakery on Main.  The premise is they have nothing to hide, so they don't coat their stuff in chocolate or try to make the packaging all exciting.  Which means they totally haven't learned anything from 50 years of market research.  My husband ate this, and I tried a small bite, and... DRY.  Almost like the Belvita biscuits from last month.   Dip this thing in some chocolate already!

See?  Chocolate! Exciting packaging!  COOKIE DOUGH!

Much better!  Unfortunately, they made the packaging so exciting that my hubby pouted when I tried to claim this for myself.  So, from the 1/2 a bar I was able to wrestle away from him, this tastes delicious!  If I were seriously trying to lose weight, and wanted to indulge my sweet tooth while not falling off the diet wagon, this would be my choice.  However, I'm currently on the add-more-fruits-and-veggies plan, with an occasional break for real cookie dough.

Olomolo, I don't want to hear about your "righteous" nuts.

These were hilarious.  Unintentionally, I'm sure.  My husband claimed these, and immediately popped about 5 in his mouth without taking the precaution of having a glass of water nearby.  There's no excuse, he read the label.  So all of a sudden he starts yelling "Cayenne! Cayenne!" and careening towards the fridge with a desperate look in his eyes.  I probably wasn't much help, what with the laughing and falling to the floor.  And while I appreciated the hilarity, my husband has requested that I not purchase these, and I'm going to respect that (tee hee hee!!).

Ho ho ho....
I'm not a sweet potato fan, and it took quite a bit of persuading by my husband to get me to eat one.  (Possibly because I thought he was trying to get me back for the cayenne nut thing).  But he finally convinced me with "They taste like Sun Chips."  And they do!  This is the one thing in the box that I may repurchase.  My kids love chips, but I'm trying to steer them away from the traditional potato option.  So far we've tried apple chips, falafel chips, and now, sweet potato!  These are by far my favorite.

If I drink this, do I have to do ALL of the activities
on the bottom of the can?

Despite the pink can, I will not be going for the Raspberry Acai Green Tea Energy Drink from Celsius. Why? Well, it's not just the incredibly long and pretentious name.  It's mainly because I act like a rabid Chihuahua when I have too much caffeine.  And all the bouncing and yipping just aren't cute.

So that's this month Goodies Box.  Not my favorite, but the last 3 months haven't been either.  Do you hear me, Goodies?  Cookies, and lots of 'em!  Whole boxes!

Do you get Goodies?  What did you like from this month?


  1. How weird I got a different box than yours? Do they send out different ones? Because until this month, our boxes have been the same. I received the wine card, sweet potato chips, cookie dough bar, sweet & salty popcorn, Wai Lana Chips (Lime Chili), White chocolate Amaretto chocolate filled wafer cookie, white cheddar cheese sauce mix.
    I had the same reaction when I opened the box. "Ho-Hum...oh, well it's only $7." Haven't tried anything out of it yet. I am not quite the sharer you are. I horde all the goodies to myself so it takes me a bit to get thru a box. Might give the Lime Chili chips to the hubby tho. I am not a fan of anything spicy so I am happy I didn't get those Cayenne thingies.

    1. Hi, Roxane!

      Yes, they have several different varieties. Normally, the boxes are the same except for some slight flavor variations, but this month had a LOT of varying products! I would have loved the wafer cookie and cheese sauce! (Sometimes it's hard to share... but our Goodies Box rarely lasts longer than a day or two!)

      I'm with you on the cayenne nuts! I am not fond of spicy stuff!

  2. I thought that the Multi Grain chips tasted like Sun Chips too! And I loved your 'I act like a rabid Chihuahua when I have too much caffeine' Hahaha!

    1. Haha I do, that's the funny part. I start shaking and talking too fast and then I have to go lie down :)


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