Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

It's time for Thursday Thoughts, linking up through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!  No special edition this week, thankfully no field trips, car repairs, or other zaniness has been going on.  Just a nice, boring week.  THANK GOODNESS!  So here's what's going on in my head when my life is not a maelstrom of crazy.

- Wow my house gets dirty when I'm not around!  We've been super-busy running around ever since my hubby came home, and this is the first week I can just stay home while he's at work and the kids are at school.  Let me tell you, it's laundry, laundry everywhere!  And toys.  And all of my husband's work crap.  I am definitely not the perfect cleaning housewife, but dang.

- Ok, I gotta think up a blog name for my husband like I have for Dragon and Knight, but I have the feeling his head will start swelling if I just start calling him the King.  That, or he'll start randomly singing Elvis.  Suggestions?  I'm considering "The Dude", but that doesn't really fit into my magic/medieval theme.  Hmmm...

- I hate crab grass.  Hate it.  I've taken it upon myself to be the family's official crab grass eliminator, due to my hubby's foot injury (can't have the poor thing dragging himself around the yard), and it is EVERYWHERE.  No one mentioned this in the home-buying process!  And it has stinging nettles.  Not cool.  So my proven method is to lift up the leaves from underneath, dig in with a trowel, watch about 5 earthworms go slithering away, then pull the plant up by the roots.  And if you know a better way to get rid of it, let me know ASAP!

- I love that my hubby (The Dude? The Duke?  He likes John Wayne... hmmm....)  still does random romantic stuff.  He just sent me a "thinking of you" text, he put the teakettle on for me this morning without me asking, and he is so cuddly lately!  I love it!  In fact, I hear him coming home from work now, so I'm going to go give him a hug!  Love you honey!

And you, dear readers.  I love you, too.

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  1. I think you should call him "Sir". It fits the theme and he'd probably like it!!

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