Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday, and time for Thursday Thoughts!  Man, I feel like I just wrote one of these. Where does the time go?  I'm linking up through Ramblings of a Suburban Mom, 'cause she's the awesomest!

- I have now watched every single episode of That 70s Show.  I'd watched bits and pieces throughout the years while it was on, but man, watching all 8 seasons?  That was crazy!  And of course... now I need something new to watch.  I've been all about the British comedies and teacozy mysteries* lately, and I need some good recommendations from Netflix!

- My poor darling hubby is begging to get cable/satellite back so he can watch sports.  I'm trying to talk him into installing an antenna to get local channels, but he wants to watch our home team (Da Bengals!), which won't come through the local channels now that we live 10 hours away!  Does anyone have suggestions about online streaming programs (they don't have to be free, just less than the cost of cable each month!) for sports, especially the NFL?

- Dragon has been wearing big boy underoos to preschool this week, and he has gone three whole days without any accidents! Proud mama right here!  We've been working so hard with him at home, and his teacher suggested we start sending him in wearing underoos.  (I personally don't like Pull-Ups.  I know they're a valuable tool for some kids, but mine just view them as something else to pee in.)  And he's been so good!

- And, while I'm on the topic of mommy bragging, Knight has also been very well-behaved at school this week!  He has trouble paying attention sometimes (and I fully admit, he got that from me), but this week he's earned all of the smiley faces in his daily reports!  I definitely think he's improved since his Daddy came home. (I think we all have!)

- I am now on a no-buy for makeup for awhile, due to my fantastic haul at Ulta!  I will get makeup through my subs, but I won't be actively seeking out any new stuff.  I have a feeling I won't feel too deprived, because I get a lot of makeup through Ipsy, the occasional item through Birchbox, and a whole lot of awesomeness through Starlooks! (those are my three beauty subs. Don't ask me to pick a favorite, I love them all equally, but for different reasons!)

- And just in case you need to see something beautiful, here's a picture of the azalea bushes at my house!  We just bought the house late last summer, so I've never seen these babies in bloom... They're gorgeous!

Yay pretty flowers!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Okay, can you get the NFL network or something along those lines through Hulu?? And or maybe even through Apple tv? Otheriwse there must be something on line that is cheaper. There has to be??

    Thanks for linking up!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. I'm checking around, there has to be some way for him to see his precious games! I definitely think an antenna is in our future!

  2. Sometimes will stream things but get an antenna! It's super cheap and will pick up local stations aka cbs, nbc, abc. We don't get cable and I hated missing the Olympics so we got an antenna to watch the super-bowl. $8 and now we can use it whenever we want.
    I have Netflix recs galore! My bf and I watch whole series all the time! I think That 70's Show was one of our first. The IT Crowd is my fav british one- also That Mitchell and Webb Look and Peep Show are good. For sitcoms? Scrubs, HIMYM, It's Always Sunny, etc. etc!

    1. Ooh I will definitely check out the IT Crowd! (I've already seen every episode of Scrubs, but I may just have to watch it again. LOVE that show!)

  3. I know a free website to watch sports is first row sports..its a little sketch, but its free and it has never failed us. You could even pull it up on your computer and then plug it into your tv if you have that capbility.

    Stopping by from the link up.


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