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Starlooks April 2013 Starbox

Finally! I did it!  I got a box, I took/edited pics, and I'm writing a post, ALL ON THE SAME DAY!  I'm totally getting back into my groove!  It really helped that my hubby read my "Thursday Thoughts" post, and told me he liked it.  It made me realize how much I love blogging, and getting feedback on it, whether from my husband, other bloggers, or even random strangers!  So I'm going to work towards dedicating more time to writing.

Oh, and to anyone who stumbled across this post via Google search or Facebook, sorry.  I promise we'll get to reviewing the Starbox in just a second.  And yes, I always am this self-indulgent and introspective.  Feel free to stick around for more!

And as this is my first Starlooks review, let me take a minute to tell you a bit about the company.  Instead of sending out makeup they source from different companies (i.e. Ipsy & Birchbox), Starlooks is a makeup brand that sends their own products in a subscription service.  Their cosmetics are made in the USA, using the same high-end labs as M*A*C, Smashbox, and Dior.  However, their prices are much lower!  Their subscription service is $15/mo (Plus $2.68 in shipping), and you receive FOUR FULL SIZE makeup items from their line!  I have loved every item I've received from this company, and their customer service is amazing.  The best part is, they sell any extra Starboxes for $25 (free shipping).  So if you don't want to take the gamble of the subscription, just check out their website, because $25 is still an awesome deal!

April's Starbox theme is "Festival."  Now that the weather is warming up, I need makeup that is light, wearable, and doesn't melt in the hot sun.  So I was really thrilled when they released the sneak preview "lookbook" for this month!

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We started getting hints through the Starlooks Facebook page that this month was concentrating on long-lasting looks that didn't need touching up in the hot summer sun.  So when the box landed in my mail today, I squealed with excitement (don't worry, my neighbors are used to it by now) and ran inside!

Yup, that's an azalea on my address. 

The box comes in a USPS envelope, stamped all over with "FRAGILE".  So guess what?  There was a huge dent in the bottom of my box!  Womp womp.

The box (dent not visible!)

Here's the dent!
I know, no biggie, right?  But I do love saving trees and using these boxes to give gifts (a square of coordinating scrapbook paper glued over the logo, with the gift tag glued to the top of that takes care of the logo on top!), and it looks kinda bad to give someone a dented box.  But I will try to straighten it out!

Ok, so I know what you really want... What's on the inside?

Pretty things!
I know, not a lot of color, right?  But this month is all about long-wearing stuff.  So to begin with, we got:

Translucent Mineralized Powder, $19
See?  The first item, and the box is already paid for!  From the description card:  "This powder is perfect for combating shine!  And the best part... it's completely invisible!"  Don't be scared that the powder is white, it is invisible on any shade of skin.  I've been using a sample size of Tarte's Smooth Operator that I received in a Sephora It Kit, and I'm almost out... perfect timing, Starlooks!  I love the applicator pouf, and I can't wait to see how this holds up to my combination skin.  Also, this item is SPF 15, so in addition to making you look good, it will protect your skin from the harsh summer rays!

Sensation Mascara Primer, $15

Oh, LOVE!  You see, I have long lashes, but they're not very thick.  This mascara primer not only moisturizes the lashes and helps promote growth, but it thickens lashes up to 50%!  Which means that when I apply my mascara over it, I will have long AND thick lashes!  I've seen similar products, but the ones with good reviews were quite expensive.  If the primer works as advertised, I can totally afford a refill!

Tendergloss Lipstick in Polish, $11

Oh thank goodness!  Every other sub has been sending me super-bright colored lip stuff!  It's actually nice to get a neutral item.  This is a sheer, shimmery lipstick that is also quite moisturizing.  Starlooks sent out several different colors, and Polish is a great shade on me!  Here's a swatch:

Kind of a rosy, shimmery, pink.  Perfect!

On my lips, this is definitely much less "frosty" than it appears in the tube.  I'm wearing it right now, and my lips are much more hydrated than when I wear a "normal" lipstick.  

And last but not least:

Starlooks Lipbalm, $5
Just in case your lips aren't hydrated enough, slap on some SPF 15 mint lip balm!  Although this item is valued at $5, it's not currently available through the website!  This item is a Starbox exclusive item.  In addition to receiving their tried and true items, Starbox subscribers often receive an item that hasn't launched yet!  Last month we received a vanilla lip scrub, and the box contents card suggests applying the mint balm after using the vanilla scrub for a sweetmint flavor!  YUMMMMM.  

The total value of this box is $50.  Wowza!

I love my Starbox.  Don't you?


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