Saturday, March 23, 2013

Influenster Sugar N Spice Voxbox

Ohmigosh!  My first VoxBox!  I'm so excited... and so getting ahead of myself!  Late last year, I started hearing about this thing called "Influenster".  It's a site that rewards you for being influential in social media. You tell them about your interests and hobbies, and they ask you to review products, tweet about products they're promoting, and... occasionally, they partner with companies and send out boxes of FULL-SIZE items for Influensters to try! For free!  And I was one of the lucky ducks that got the Sweet 'N' Spicy box!

A few days ago, I opened up my front door to find...

It was so pretty I gave it a gold star!

But...  wow, Influenster.  That's so cool of you.  Why me?

haha... I see what you did there.

Ok, let's crack that baby open!  Now, because I'm a total crazy person and I have been stalking Facebook, Instagram, and the MakeupTalk forums ever since they announced this box, I pretty much knew what to expect once I opened the lid.  However, there's such a huge difference between knowing what's in there, and holding it in my happy little hands!

First peek!
Let's see, standard information card, coupons, recipe book from Nectresse, let's get those out of the way so you can see the awesomeness!

Check it out!  So much stuff for my mouth!
The first item I pulled out was the belVita Breakfast Biscuits in Brown Sugar & Cinnamon.  Ok, first of all, a "biscuit" is the British word for "cookie".  So don't be expecting to pull a warm, fluffy Pillbury's Grand out of the package.  They're cookies.  Which also makes the "nutritious" aspect highly suspicious.  This is NOT an acceptable nutritional equivalent to, say, fresh fruit or an egg white omelet.  However, if your usual breakfast is grabbing a packet of Oreos or some Cheetos on the way out the door, then totally eat these instead!  They have added fiber and whole grain to help you feel fuller for longer, and they're not totally empty calories, but seriously, just grab a banana.  Or an apple.  I do plan on indulging my inner Anglophile and enjoying these as a treat with some hot tea, and I'm sure they'll be absolutely delicious!

Yummy? Yes.  Healthy? Hmmm probably not.

The next item is... spray lotion!  It's by Vaseline, and it's their new Spray & Go  Moisturizer.  Spray Lotion!  What next, right?  And actually, I'm quite excited about this.  Not for me, actually.  I know how to put lotion on.  No, I'm excited because I have a hyperactive three-year-old, and if you've ever tried to put lotion on an octopus, you know what I'm going through.  Imagine, if you will, telling a little boy to stay still, getting lotion all over your hands, having him escape, then chasing said darling, precious child with lotion-y hands.  It's like catching a greased pig, only you're the one who's all slippery.  So I plan on using one hand to hold his little hand or foot, spraying the lotion, then quickly rubbing it in!  That way, the lotion's on him, not me, and the novelty of a spray lotion may even shock him into sitting still for the few seconds it takes to use it.  Definitely a winning idea, Vaseline!  Thanks!

No more scaly skin for my Dragon!

Also, I'm totally looking forward to the new no-calorie sweetener from Splenda.  Nectresse is a natural sweetener made from monk fruit.  Monk fruit extract is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, and I'm so excited to see if this will be a good replacement for Splenda!  I've tried the stevia sweeteners, and just didn't like the taste.  I will try this new awesomeness, and report back!

Are you my new best friend?
A lot of my sub boxes have been sending out face cleaning wipes, and I'm always happy to try out a new one!  Somehow, even as an adult, I'm still dealing with acne.  I'm in search of that holy grail of products so that maybe I can have ONE DAY of being acne-free before the wrinkles show up.  A girl can dream, right? I like these Witch Hazel Wipes from Dickinson's, because they're individually wrapped.  I can throw a few in my purse or overnight bag without having to take along the whole pack.  These wipes promise to both control oil and lock in moisture, which sounds great for my combination skin.

Witch Hazel, work your magic!

Ok, for these last few items, I have a confession to make.  I have wonderfully strong, healthy teeth.  But they ain't white!  They're in direct contrast to my darling hubby's teeth.  The man looks like a toothpaste commercial, but he's constantly getting cavities!  Needless to say, I always feel crappy when I look at pictures of the two of us, because it looks like I'm totally neglecting my dental hygiene.  But guess what?  I got not just one whitening product, but a whole darn regimen from Colgate!  Toothpaste, mouthwash, and a whitening toothbrush from their Optic White line!  I'm so going to do before/after pics, because I want to see how much of a difference it truly makes.

I want my teeth to blind people.  
I'm so excited to try out my box of goodies!  Now, because I want to give everything a good try, I'm going to be writing posts about individual products (or product lines, in the case of the Optic White). I want to give you a real review other than "Yay! Looks good!"  I'm pretty sure the belVita will be first, and I will even be able to try it twice because, rumor is, there will be another pack in my March Goodies Box!  Mmmm, biscuits.  I mean, cookies.

So huge thank you to Influenster for the box of awesome, and I look forward to trying everything out!  And if anyone wants the deets on how to join Influenster, hit me up on Facebook or via email.  Also, enjoy your Saturday night!  Just think, one week from now you'll be putting together baskets and hiding eggs!  My kids can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny will bring.  That being said, this is probably the last year I can keep stealing chocolate out of their baskets without them noticing.  I'll be sure to savor the memories.


  1. I want one! I started an Influenster account last week but I'm not sure if I'm sure how to make the most of you have a post with more info?

    1. I'm an Influenster newbie myself, but MakeupTalk has a great thread about it! Check it out here:

      (Oh and you don't have to read all 34 pages! I'd start around Oct/Nov 2012) I hope you get a box soon!


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