Friday, January 4, 2013

Crackers for Breakfast

I fought a Dragon this morning.  Not a real one.  But I had a grumpy 3-year-old who, at 6:30 AM, was determined not to wear a shirt with a firetruck on it.  I won, of course.  I always do.  But five minutes later, I chose to lose the next battle.  You see, my baby Dragon wanted crackers for breakfast.  Regular, club-style, buttery crackers.  Traditionally, crackers are not a breakfast food.  Knight wanted oatmeal, and that was fine.  He understands the order of things.  Breakfast food for breakfast and all that.  His younger brother, however, sees no such order in the world.  He is always hungry, and until recently, did not care what was put in front of him.  Then he started to get more picky.  First he cut out vegetables and fruit.  Then, bread.  Now, all he will eat is the typical picky kid fare (chicken nuggets, french fries, pizza, and plain spaghetti) and a few special dishes, like lo mein and teriyaki chicken.

So I let him have crackers for breakfast.  Honestly, between sweet cereals and breakfast pastries, I was kind of relieved.  And he drank a full sippy of white milk with his breakfast, which made me feel even better. I'd much rather lose the food battle and have him start school with food in his belly than send him in hungry.

For the rest of today, I'll be working to conquer the mighty Christmas decorations.  I'm sure I'll miss at least one thing, and one of the kids will point out in February that Santa is still on the bathroom towels.  And I'll pretend that I totally meant to do that. And they'll believe me... this year.

Life is wonderful and unexpected.  Some days are peaceful, and others are incredibly crazy.  But if you choose your battles wisely, you will come out ahead.  And the bad days will fade to faraway, fuzzy memories.  But you will still be here.  And that, my friends, is the real magic.  So tell me... what Dragon will you fight today?

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