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Love Club Box Review January 2013

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... But my Love Club Box is making this Saturday delightful!  This is the most "indie" of my subs, and it's "a delivery service providing an assortment of accessories, beauty products, paper goods, & unique items from a handful of our favorite businesses each month."*  Heather (the owner) recently announced that this subscription service will be ending in June, but I'm happy to review the remaining boxes til the very end!

I love all things indie and unknown, and this sub is great for introducing me to small business owners and little online shops.  Also, there are rarely "sneak peeks" for Love Club, so it's truly a surprise when I open the box!  Here's what I got this month:

Plain on the outside... Awesome on the inside!

Usually, every box is the same, but according to the Love Club Facebook page, this month there were some variations. Also, the presentation for this box is amazing.  This is what happens when you get a wonderfully artsy/craftsy person packing every box!  Here's the first view of the inside:

Ooh, pretty!
I pulled the tissue aside to reveal:

Goodies! And is that.... is that JEWELRY?

Ok, I have to admit, when I'm thinking about joining a new subscription, I obsessively look up reviews online  for a few weeks before signing up.  And in November, a beautiful bracelet was sent in the box by Horsefeathers.  It was one of many amazing things I saw in the box reviews that made me sign up, and I was sooo jealous of the people that got it!  So when I opened my box this month and saw that I got "the bracelet", I actually shrieked with delight. Then I did a happy dance!  (If a previous subscriber got it in their November box, they didn't get it again, this was one of the variations for this month).  It's made of beautiful turquoise beads, with one gold/rhinestone accent bead.  I can't find this bracelet on the website anymore, but similar ones are $38-$44.

I think I'll be wearing this baby every day this summer!
See? Beautiful.
Ok, I know, get over the bracelet already!  The next item is an absolutely darling hair accessory by Petunia Blooms.  It's a bobby pin with a cute little ruched circle of lavender polka-dotted fabric attached. I don't think I can pull off wearing it to clip back a section of hair, but it'll be the perfect way to accent a messy bun or other playful updo!  They're usually sold in pairs for $6, giving this one a retail value of $3.

Then we had these guys.  I will have to update later who makes these, because there wasn't a sheet inside that told me who sent what.  And unfortunately, I was so excited while unpacking that I forgot to check and see if one of the business cards was right next to them.

I'm also not quite sure what they are.  Bracelets?  Vintage packing string?
However, these are one of the quirky surprises that I love about this box!  And I absolutely will find a use for them!  My best guess is that they accompany this sticker:

I cannot wait to use this! 
It was taped on the back of this card, for Livy Love designs:


And speaking of adorable, check these out, from Clip + Pin!

Those are THE CUTEST mini clothespins ever!  I'll be using these once I finally get my office in order to display some of the mini cards sent in the December box!  A set of 18 is $9 at the Etsy shop, making the value of these four $2.

The last item in the box was a beautiful notecard.  This Colom and Brit business card was tucked in next to it, but I couldn't find anything even remotely close on their website.  Also, there was a "free gift with purchase" offered on the C&B card, but because you have to buy something to get it, I'm not adding the "gift" to the value of the box.  So, once again, I'll let you all know the vendor when I figure it out.  This is so beautiful and vintage-y, I may not be able to hold back from ordering a whole box for myself!  Because I'm not quite sure where it's from, I can't assign a value, but I'm guessing between $2-5.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my January Love Club Box.  Adorable, right? Now, because this box is ending in June, the waitlist has been closed.  However, you may be able to get in by participating in the once-a-month first come, first serve events that happen on the Facebook page.  I can't guarantee that these are still going on, so if you really want this box, "like" the page on Facebook, and see if anything comes up.  I know normally I provide a total retail value of the box, but with all the variables that I haven't figured out so far, I'll hold off on that for now.  This is honestly my fault for tearing into the box without taking the time to unpack it carefully and sort out the business cards with the items!  I'll be back later to update this post and give proper credit to the artists and artisans represented.

As always, a lovely disclaimer:  I paid for this box with my own money, and Love Club Box did not ask me to review it, nor am I compensated in any way for this review.  Thanks for stopping by!  Stay warm!

Love, Leigh

*quoted from the website

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