Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Xie Xie!

I started this blog as something small, just a way to be creative again.  Being the mother of young children sometimes makes me feel like the joyous, giggly, spontaneous Leigh has been buried under a mountain of dirty diapers and endless loads of laundry.  I wanted to start writing again, and thought about blogging.  Then, I found out about subscription boxes late last year, and enjoyed reading the blog reviews so much that I decided to just go ahead and launch my own!  I also love that I can share embarrassing stories about my children with a global audience.  Perfect practice for when they start dating, right?

I never expected more than a few hits for each post, so imagine my surprise when a few days ago, I reached 1000 views!  Blew right past it, actually, we're now over 1200!  I also had my January review for Beauty Army featured on their Facebook page, which was AWESOME.  I've had readers from Canada, the U.K., South Korea, Germany, Poland, and Romania visit my blog, and I'm honored and amazed to have a global audience.  Of course, the vast majority of my readers are from the good ol' US of A!  But wherever you are when you read my blog, know that I appreciate you with all my heart.

Thank you.

Love, Leigh

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