Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! The Inaugural Post

Happy New Year! And a happy new blog!

Welcome to the Whimsical Adventures of a Magical Mom.  Hi, I'm Leigh.  Wife, mother to two awesome little boys, and ruler of my own little kingdom.  Yeah, normally I'd be co-ruling with the king.  But he's away right now for his job, so it's my job to be the Evil Queen benevolent monarch. Our oldest boy, whom I'll call Knight, is a dream child. Polite, curious, sweet, and already a ladies' man in his kindergarten class, he is Mommy's helper.  Although he did totally thrash me at Candy Land this morning, and I'm not sure if I'm over it yet.  And then, we have Dragon.  My youngest.  He's.... wild.  Boisterous.  Non-verbal.  Seriously, he's three, and has yet to say a complete sentence.  We noticed his speech wasn't developing properly when he turned two, and we took him to a private speech therapist for a year.  She did an amazing job working with him, and now we have him in our local elementary school's preschool, with speech and cognitive therapy a few times a week.  I'm starting to see a lot of improvement lately, thank goodness.  He does a LOT better in a peer group, and heaven bless his teachers, who are willing to deal with over a dozen rambunctious preschoolers every day.  So, that's us!  We live in a quaint little town a few hours from the East Coast, and just bought our first house this summer.  Yay!

I'm sure you're all happy for the introduction, but now you're thinking "What is this blog all about?"  Well, several things.  We live far away from extended family, so this is a great way for them to stay updated on how we're doing without ridiculously long Facebook statuses.  Hi, family! Love you all!  Seriously, I have the greatest family.  And let's just say I won the in-law lottery.  They're quite fabulous.  So, family updates will be a big part of this.  I will also post about my artsy-craftsy projects.  Pinterest is a little (ha!) obsession of mine, and I'd love to be able to share my accomplishments, once again, without blowing up my Facebook newsfeed with "look what I can do!"

And lastly, I will be posting about my most recent hobby... subscription boxes!  What are subscription boxes, you ask? Oh, you didn't ask? Well sit down, cause I'm gonna tell you anyway!  For a small price, usually about $10-15 a month, companies like Ipsy, Birchbox, Beauty Army, Love Club Box, Goodies, and Citrus Lane (my current subs) send you a box each month filled with the most amazing stuff!  There are many categories, I currently have beauty, lifestyle, food, and kids' boxes.  I will post reviews on what I got in each box, and give a little explanation about what each company is about.  I am not paid for these reviews, nor do I receive the boxes for free unless otherwise noted.  (Sorry, but the little lawyer that lives in my head told me I should put in a disclaimer.)  I may have referral links that give me rewards if you sign up through my site, but I will always have those noted.

I hope all of you are having a very Happy New Year, and that 2013 brings you lots of blessings and joy.  Please enjoy my new adventures in blogging, pictures and other extra stuff are coming soon.  After all... Ancora Imparo!*

*Latin for: "I am still learning"


  1. Hi Leigh I found your blog on MUT and I am loving your posts. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you :).


    1. Hi daisyflower! I just checked out your blog, supercute background! ;) I started following you, can't wait to see what you post next!


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