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Goodies Box January 2013

Oh wow.  Nothing says "party weekend!" like having two sick little boys.  So much cleaning, and laundry, and wiping noses, and trying to remember exactly when you gave that last dose of medicine so you're not OD'ing your poor kid on ibuprofen.  I also had two very different patients.  Knight was happy to just lie in bed, watching movies and being a good little patient.  I'm sure you can guess where this is going... Yep, Dragon wasn't happy unless he was cuddling in my arms and coughing in my face.  Gross.  So imagine my happiness when I staggered outside on Saturday for a breath of fresh air and found my box o'Goodies!  Nothing says love like snacks on my porch.

That's love right there.

You mean people will send a box of new and amazing snacks to you for only $7 a month?  Yes.  Yes they will.  It's called Goodies Co., and they are fabulous.  The wait list is also a mile long, so if this is something you want after reading my review, just go jump right on there.  In fact, go do it now, I'll wait.


Welcome back!  Don't you feel better now?  Let me explain to you the awesomeness that you just signed up for.  Each month, Goodies creates a themed, curated box, chosen by their Tasting Lab (now where can I get a job like THAT?) and sends it to your door each month.  This is a very new enterprise, and there are still a few details that require patience.  For example, they charge you on the first of the month, but don't start shipping til the third week.  Also, even when you do get an invite, you may be waiting up to another two months til you start receiving boxes.  I've seen on a message board where some people joined the waitlist in December, received an invite in January, but are not getting their first box until March.  Now do you see why I sent you right over to join the list? Even with all these issues, it's totally worth the wait.  

Here is the theme of January's box:

Beautiful.  Tasteful. Soothing.  Wait... healthy?

"Goodies Co. is here to help you fulfill those healthy lifestyle resolutions we all just made.  Our January Taster's box is loaded with a scrumptious selection of sensible foods to enjoy while you're living life on-the-go.  Here's to a healthy and happy 2013!" 

Hmmm, healthy snacks.  Honestly, not my fave.  I have a sweet tooth a mile long.  In fact, if a sweet tooth were a physical thing with supernatural powers, I would be the Queen of the Sugar Vampires.  However, my husband is Mr. Uber-Healthy.  He will be enjoying most of the snacks, and I'll get back to you with his reviews!  On the back of the theme card, Goodies included a list of contents.

Maybe next month they'll send candy.  *Sulking*

The first item is the Nature's Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bar.  There were a few flavor variations, and we got Raspberry Fig.  A box of 6 retails for $3.49, making this single serving worth $0.58.

I wonder if the little figgy went "Whee!" all the way to my home?

All right, I know the picture looks really small.  There is a reason for that.  Today, I tried to hold the camera in one place, and take pictures of all the snacks from the same angle, so you can see the size difference between each sample.  After I did this, I realized that you all can totally figure this out for yourself by looking at the main picture.  Yup, outsmarted myself again.  Next month I promise you close-ups!

Next we have Stretch Island Fruit Chews.  Imagine if fruit gummy snacks were made with fruit leather and you have Fruit Chews.  We received the Cherry flavor, and a box of 5 retails for $3.49, making this single serving packet worth $0.70.  

Exercise your jaw and your brain!

I've always thought granola was kind of gross.  However, the Go Nola in Wild Blueberry Wave may just change my mind.  I'm not sure if it's the fun packaging or the great flavor varieties, but I may steal a bite from the hubby.  Then again, maybe not.  It is granola, after all.  A 6-pack retails for $5.94, this single packet is worth $0.99.

I see right through you, Blueberry Wave.  You're still granola.

Ooh, wait, what's this?  A Skeeter Snacks COOKIE?  In chocolate?  Come to Mama!  I cannot emphasize enough that you all almost got a picture of an empty packet.  I did manage to restrain myself through the photo shoot, but then they were all mine.  (Um, yeah, these did not make it to my hubby).  So how did a cookie wander into a healthy box?  It's made in a completely nut-free environment.  These are so perfect if anyone in your family has a nut allergy, because the entire line of products and the facility in which they're made is nut-free.  I gotta say, I'm pretty darn happy with these and will keep an eye out for them next time I go grocery shopping.  A box of 12 retails for $3.99, making this packet of 2 worth $0.67.

You have no idea how much willpower this took.

Next, we have a snack that I was happy to pass along to my honey.  Wild Garden Traditional Hummus and Pita Chips are right up his alley.  Usually we get Sabra hummus, so I'm interested to know if he likes another brand.  Also, most hummus requires refrigeration, but this is in some kind of sealed package that keeps it fresh even without being chilled.  I don't know how.  I'm going to say magic.  


A 3-pack sells for $5.97, making 1 pack worth $1.99.  

Oh, and this? I'm drinking this right now:

And it's delightful.

It's a "soda" by Cascal made with carbonated water and fruit juice.  It contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners, only the natural sweetness of the juice.  I received the Berry Cassis flavor with Black Currant, Tangerine and Lemon flavors.  The best way I can describe the flavor is a bubbly berry wine, but of course it has no alcohol in it.  I like it, and will probably purchase it again.  If you like flavored, carbonated water, I recommend trying it out!  That is, if you can find it.  When I tried to find their website, I was given an error message and was instructed to visit Coca-Cola's main page instead.  So I'm not sure what's going on with this, but I'm glad I got the chance to try it! A 6-pack retails for $7.98, making each can worth $1.33.

The last item in the box is this:

What the falafel?

Flamous Brand's falafel chips are made with corn, beans, veggies, and spices, which makes them both lower in fat and higher in protein and fiber than potato chips.  I would be willing to give these a try, except that I really don't like spicy stuff.  So off to the hubby they go!  Thank goodness he likes spicy foods and trying new things! A full-size (8 oz) bag is $4.99, so this 1.6 oz bag worth $1.00.

The box's total worth is $7.26, which is barely above the cost of the box. However, I feel this subscription is about discovering new and wonderful snacks.  Also, Goodies Co. focuses on finding affordable snacks that the average family can repurchase, instead of sending tiny slivers of expensive foods.  I have high hopes that February will be a more indulgent box, in honor of Valentine's Day.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because I need some chocolate after seeing all those healthy snacks!

Thanks for stopping by!  Which of these snacks looks the yummiest to you?

Love, Leigh

Here's your friendly neighborhood disclaimer!  I paid for my Goodies Box with my own money, and Goodies Co. did not ask me to review the box or compensate me for my review.  All opinions are my own.  All links go directly to company webpages, there are no referral links.  At this time, Goodies Co does not have a referral program.

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