Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday Savings

You all know that I'm a bargain hunter.  I live for Kohl's sales racks, I've been known to use (a lot of) coupons, and the sound of my brakes can be heard for miles when I spot a yard sale. So when Toys 'R' Us sent me my Rewards Dollars for some purchases made before Christmas (and yes, I totally used a Groupon they offered to buy the boys' Christmas stuff) I thought hey, why not? Free money.  No minimum purchase, just $10 to use however I wanted.  So yesterday I promised the boys a new toy for each of them, wandered in, and....


Wrapping paper! And ornaments! Prelit indoor/outdoor Christmas trees!  Well, you know what I did. I stocked up.  Here's what I got:

- 160 sq feet ornament wrapping paper, was $5.99, sale $0.60
- 90 sq feet snowman wrapping paper, was $3.99, sale $0.40
- 90 sq feet Santa/trees wrapping paper, was $3.99, sale $0.40
- 90 sq feet trees wrapping paper, was $3.99, sale $0.40
- Snowman stuffed doll, was $8.99, sale $0.90
- Penguin stuffed doll, was $8.99, sale $0.90
- 4 ft. prelit indoor/out door tree in white, was $29.98, sale $3.00
- Belle ornament, was $6.99, sale $0.70

And yes, the boys did still get a toy! Alas, I could not convince them that a forty-cent roll of wrapping paper was totally the "It Toy" this season.  Darn.  I did make them pick from the clearance aisle, as there was plenty to choose from.  Dragon got a Dinosaur Train weighing station (on clearance for $4.98), and Knight picked a Pokeball with Pikachu (on clearance for $7.48).  So far, he likes throwing it at the walls in the house to see it pop open.  I, however, do not like the dents it makes and have issued a Royal Decree that only soft toys may be thrown at the walls.  See? I'm not completely heartless. Here are their toys:

And here are closeups of the other items:

Wrapping Paper

Pre-lit Tree

Belle Ornament - She's my favorite Disney Princess!
The total was $19.76, minus the $10 Rewards and plus tax, leaving a grand total of $10.44.  And according to my receipt, I saved $78.11!


What was the best after-Christmas sale you found this year? Let me know in the comments! And as always, thanks for stopping by.


  1. I know that you asked for this year......mine was about 4 years ago. It all started when I put up my prelit tree. I always make sure that the lights work before I assemble it all together. They did at that time....a few days before Christmas it would not light up. I had to take down all the ornaments that were hung and examine each bulb. I worked my way from the bottom of the tree to the top of the tree. No bulb was missing. It must have been a short in the wiring, which I had no idea on where to begin with trying to fix that. I went out searching for trees and they were all so expensive and with only a few days before Christmas I decided to wait for Christmas sales. So, I bought some lights and decorated the tree again. The day after Christmas my pretty prelit tree went up to Tree Heaven (a.k.a. Rumpke). Then, I went to JCP to return something and it hit me smack in the face (literally, the branch hit my face). I saw a CLEARANCE SIGN! The multi-colored prelit tree (only 1 left) was marked $459.99, then had a 70% off sign above it. JACK POT, $138 dollars! I was in Heaven. I took it up to the lady at the register to buy it and when she rang it up she said it will be $58.00. SCORE! I had a 20% off coupon and a $10 reward, I walked out paying under $40! I did not even get the tree out of the box after the purchase. I just brought it inside and put it in the closet with the rest of the Christmas stuff. Next year rolls around and as I turned on the Christmas Tree it was white lights only! I knew the box said multi-colored lights, just knew it. I pulled out the box and it said all white lights. I picked up the wrong box but in the end I love my tree and I purchased a beautiful tree!


    1. That is an awesome deal! Congrats! I wonder if you got the tree for such an amazing price because you grabbed the one with white lights? I'm shopping with YOU next year!


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