Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Icky Sicky

Is there anything worse than being sick?  Ugh.  And stomach viruses are the worst.  Thankfully, they usually last only a day.  But man, that day knocks me out.

I think the best part of being a stay-at-home mom is being able to stay at home without feeling guilty when I'm sick.  I don't have to call off work, I'm not worried about what my boss will say, and if the housework suffers for a few days, well... I'm the only one that has to look at it!  And the kids, of course, but they think it's great that their toys are still out for easy access.  And the piles of laundry? Obstacle course!

The hardest part of yesterday was waking up and feeling so sick, and having to make the decision to either go ahead and get the kids ready and drop them off at school, or just call them off too and not have to leave the house.  I almost stayed in bed.  But, then I thought about how much easier it would be to recover if I had the house to myself for the day.  So I dragged my awful, icky self out of bed, poured cereal directly into plastic baggies (I was trying to avoid touching their food), inflicted the worst wardrobe decisions of the school year onto my poor kids, and had them buy lunch at school (again, did not want to contaminate their lunches with my germs).

I definitely made the right decision.  I was able to come back home and sleep for a few hours, and spend the rest of the day taking care of me.  I only had to get up to grab myself more juice, and didn't have to refill sippy cups.  I zoned out watching Alaska State Troopers on Netflix (those guys are AMAZING!) instead of having to endure a day of cartoons.

Then of course, it came time to get the boys from school.  By then, I was starting to recover (yay for the short duration of stomach bugs!) and we got home without incident.  But then Dragon's sippy cup needed refilling.  And Knight needed help with his homework.  And Dragon wanted to watch a million episodes of Super Hero Squad.  And Knight wanted more juice....  And I learned why every mother laughs when she's told "Oh, you just stay home and take it easy today!"

There was definitely no way I could have cooked for the boys last night... and even less chance that I could go out and pick something up.  So the boys had pretzels & peanut butter, shredded cheese, and orange slices for dinner.  Marshmallows for dessert.  They loved it, and I consoled myself that they at least got the major food groups in (carbs, protein, dairy, fruit/veggies).

Today, I'm feeling better.  I still had the boys buy lunch at school, and I had to lay down a few times while getting them ready - for some reason, matching socks was exhausting this morning.  But, I got a shower, and I washed all my germy blankets.  I'm not 100% yet, and I am still fused to the couch today.  After all, there are still some episodes of Alaska State Troopers.  And nothing lifts my spirits like a man in uniform.

Love, Leigh

P.S.  Just because I'm sick, doesn't mean my mail has stopped!  Over the next few days, look for reviews on Goodies, Citrus Lane, Beauty Army, and Graze.  Yay!

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