Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Goals

Being sick always puts me so far behind.  Laundry is everywhere, toys are strewn about, and my vacuum cleaner is all but suicidal with loneliness.  And, of course, random bits of machinery in the house just happened to break down this week.  In an attempt to motivate myself, I'm listing the things I hope to accomplish this week.  Maybe if I put them online for everyone to see, I'll get more done.

So here we go:
1) Mail the Cravebox prize to the winner of my blog giveaway!  I will be doing this today, before I go get the boys from school.  I just wanted to make sure I added it to my list!

2) Clean the house.  It's never going to be completely spotless with two little boys, but it could definitely look a lot better.

3) Take the Christmas decorations out to the garage.  Yes, that's part of cleaning the house, but I have so far been cleaning around them.  And yes, they're packed up, but several plastic tubs are occupying space in the dining room, and they should really not be there!

4) Get new tires for the car.  Our newly paid off car, might I add!  Yay for being an adult and using tax refund money wisely!  In fact, my husband and I are being ultra-responsible and taking the money we were using each month for the car payment, and putting it towards our credit card.  New tires are a must, though, because the car is starting to make this weird wobbly sound when I drive (I previously thought it was a mechanical issue, but our local mechanic told me it was the tires.  So don't worry, I'm not going to go careening off the road this week if I don't get to it)

5) Get the downstairs heating/cooling system fixed.  HOPEFULLY, it's just the thermostat.  The crazy thing doesn't ever kick off.  Well, the heat does, but not the fan itself.  Nothing like sitting in your living room in the middle of winter and feeling a cold breeze pumped in through the ductwork.  Thankfully, our upstairs unit works just fine, so we don't have to worry about chilly bedrooms.

6) Volunteer at the boys' school.  I really should.  I have been taking care of a lot of stuff at home, but I do have time that I could be using to help at school.  I've been getting notes home that Knight is having trouble paying attention, so maybe having me spend some time in his classroom (I'm everywhere, kid) can help him learn to re-focus his attention where it needs to be.

I think that's enough for one week.  Hopefully, I'll be able to complete the whole list. If not, well, I am human.  But these Christmas decorations have GOT TO GO.

Tuesday Update:  I have completed #1!  I also made a lot of progress on #2 yesterday, my living room looks better than it has in weeks!  I washed/folded a lot of laundry, which is clearing the clutter upstairs, and I'm hoping to have another productive day.  For #5, I did have someone come out and take a look at our system, but it seems to be more complicated than just the thermostat (DANG IT).  More on that later.  Onward and upward!

Thursday Update:  The house looks cleaner, Christmas decorations are out in the garage, the tires will be fixed tomorrow, I'm emailing with Dragon's teacher about volunteering, and I've talked to my hubby's uncle about getting our heating/cooling unit fixed.  We'll be able to get it fixed for MUCH lower than the estimate the first guys gave me. *whew!*

So, apparently I need to start posting my weekly goals here on my blog!  Knowing that other people are reading them totally motivates me. (Especially knowing that my husband reads my blog.  Hiiiiii honey!)

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