Friday, February 1, 2013

My First Graze Box Review!

Another snack box?  I know, I should stop.  I blame the enablers on  I found out about the Graze Box on one of the forums, and there was a special coupon code that gave me the first and fifth boxes for free!  So really, how could I resist?  This is a weekly box, instead of monthly, and for $5 you get a box of 4 different snacks, sent all the way from the UK!  Graze is well-established there, and they're looking to launch here in the colonies (hehehe), and I'm excited to be part of their beta-testing!

They have over 90 different snacks to choose from, and a great variety.  There are seed/nut mixtures, dried fruit, "flapjacks" (which look like granola bars), savory mixtures, and chocolate!  Once you register, you can go through all the snacks and rate them on a 4-level scale.  The lowest is "Trash", which means they will never send it to you.  So if you hate nuts, trash all the options with nuts and you're good to go!  There's also "Try", "Like", and "Love".  On your profile, you can request to be more adventurous and get more "Try" items, or you can have more "Likes" and "Loves" sent if you're picky (*ahem* like me).  I didn't know about the options to get more likes/loves until after my first box was assembled, but I've already gotten a sneak peek of my second box and I am STOKED!

Here's my first box!

Oh, the wonderful things that find their way to my mailbox!

Now, there's a story behind the photos.  Our mail carrier was VERY late today and I was only able to grab this out of the mailbox on my way to get Knight and Dragon from school.  Also, I was hungry.  I've been waiting on this box for almost five days, and I was so ready to tear right in!  But you, dear readers, deserve pictures.  So I did this mini photo shoot in the car, while I was waiting for school to let out.  Thank goodness for amateur photo editing!

Those little plastic ribbons are harder to remove than you'd think, but I finally got my box open!


The first snack is Mumbai Masala, from my "try" section.  It contains "masala cashews, baked curry bites and spicy chickpeas."  I'm glad I got to try it, but it is definitely getting "trashed" when I rate my box on the website.  Spicy stuff is just not for me!  My favorite part of this snack was the cashews, but they just couldn't make up for the super-spicy baked curry bites.

I should have known, it even looks spicy!

The next snack is the Cookies and Cream, consisting of "mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts & sunflower seeds."  The boys made short work of the cookies and chocolate, leaving Mommy with mostly hazelnuts (ok, but bland) and sunflower seeds (same).  I had rated this "like", but may downgrade it to "try".  It felt like they were using the bland nuts/seeds as a filler.

All of the sunflower seeds are hiding at the bottom

The third item was called "Bounty Hunter".  Have I mentioned I love their awesomely creative names?  It contained "dried cranberries, milk chocolate drops, and flakes of coconut."  This was another "try" item.  I was pleasantly surprised by the yummy combo of chocolate and cranberry, but... I hate coconut.  Loathe it.  I was a big girl and tried a bite, but yep, still hate it.  The snack tray looked like a snow flurry once I picked out all the good stuff! I'm going to have to trash this one, which is sad.  But I'm making my own trail mix with dried berries and chocolate chips very soon!

The snack of cold, hard justice

And the last item... finally, something I love!!  Ah, the Summer Berry Compote with Wholemeal Shortbead. The quintessentially British biscuits and jam!  This is staying on the love list.  I enjoyed it with a mug of hot tea, and it was a perfect moment.  I'm really hoping for a repeat of this in an upcoming box.

They've done it.  They've packaged perfection!

This is a fun and fantastic way to find new snacks!  I'm not sure yet if I'll keep Graze after the 5th box (I'm forcing myself to decide between this and Goodies once the five weeks are up), but I'm definitely having fun in the meantime!  The biggest drawback I see with this box is that I'm horribly picky.  I can see myself narrowing my choices down to a few selections and getting bored with the same things over and over.

Oh and the cutest touch?  At the bottom of the box, underneath the snack, they put in a few napkins:

It's like they know how messy I am!

I'm really looking forward to next week, now that I've gotten to try a few things and can tweak my selections!  They've updated my box, and here's what I'm getting:

Can I tell you how excited I am for the tea and cake!?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  Would you like to try Graze?  You still need an invitation, so type in the code Makeuptalk to sign up!

Love, Leigh

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