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Goodies Box May 2013

Ok, first things first... have you entered my Cravebox Giveaway?  Not yet?  Go ahead, click the link and enter it.  I'll wait.  And if you already entered it, go back anyway.  You can get 5 extra entries each day!  I'm cool like that, I know.

And... I'm done shilling for my giveaway.  Until tomorrow.  But now, for Goodies!  They must have heard the giant collective "meh" when we all opened up our boxes in April.  They totally stepped it up for May!  Yay, Goodies!  I was honestly (and sadly) about to cancel after this month if I got yet another mediocre box.    So I am extra thrilled that this month was awesome!  Seriously, check this out!

So much yummy goodness!
Now, if any of this seems familiar, you may have watched my unboxing video for this box:

Yeah, for some reason I look like a demon incarnate in the screenshot (what is wrong with my eyes!?) but I assure you, the video is entirely exorcism-free.  I am happy to say that I have now tried everything in this box, and I have an in-depth review for you all!

The first item in the box was the Beanitos White Bean with Sea Salt chips.  Instead of being made with corn, these beans are made with (wait for it...) beans!  They honestly tasted really close to regular tortilla chips.  My only complaint was that they are a bit bland, but with any kind of salsa or guacamole dip, they'd be amazing.  Definitely a win!

The next item was Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce.  There were several varieties sent, so I was happy to get this one! The sauce had a thick, rich texture, and because it was such a tiny jar (2.5 oz), I knew it wouldn't go far - so I substituted it for ketchup in a meatloaf recipe!  It was one of the best decisions I made last week!  The sauce gave the whole dish a nice fruity zing without being overly spicy.  I would buy this again, but I might go for the Orange Ginger flavor.  It's getting some great reviews as a marinade for Asian food.

This bad boy had us all excited once we got tracking numbers.  It made the box weigh over four pounds!  It's Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water, and they sent a full liter!  Coconut water really isn't my thing, but my husband LOVED it, and used it in smoothies all this past week.  He just finished it off this morning.

I love it when they send kid-friendly items, and this was a great treat for the boys!  I did make them "earn" the candy by picking up their toys, concentrating on their homework (well, Knight had homework.  And trouble paying attention.  These totally helped) and helping me make dinner, but it was so worth it to see them giggling and sucking air through the sour straws.  I loved that these were fat-free and had no artificial coloring!  I'll keep an eye out for these next time I'm in the candy aisle!

This was really the only "meh" product for me, I'm just not a big seed fan.  My husband tried a few, I tried a few, we looked at each other and shrugged, and forgot about them for a few days.  Neither of us wanted any more, so I ended up throwing it away.  I felt bad, but no one in the family wanted any more, and I didn't want to try and pawn an open bag off on someone else!  (ok, well I would have if we had extended family nearby, but we don't).  But now I know that I don't like pumpkin seeds, and I won't waste time at Hallowe'en trying to to get all crafty and bake those suckers!

These!  So awesome!  Not only are these California Olive Branch Extra Virgin Olive Oil packets made from olives grown in the USA, but they are the PERFECT size for sauteeing!  I used one last week for some onions and veggies and I was very happy to have these pre-measured packets.  I always, ALWAYS overpour oils into the pan, so these were awesome in helping control portion size!  I'm sure it's sold as a full-size item, but I'm going to check around and see if any packets are available for sale.

For me, tea is always a win.  They sent Moroccan Mint flavor, and while I haven't made my cup o' tea with it yet, I know it's going to be awesome (and if it's not, I will update this post!)  I was also very happy that they sent a coupon!

I may have to go outside of my usual shopping radius to find this brand, but we do have an organic market about 20 minutes away, and I'm sure they carry this brand.  Now, are you ready for my MOST FAVORITE ITEM in this box?

Bam! Chip Clip!
Wholly Guacamole!  It's for a free item, and for some reason, I have been getting these coupons in a LOT of boxes lately.  But you will never hear me complaining!  I love buying the little individual size packets of guacamole, because I make guacamole burgers (sooo much healthier than putting mayo on your burgers!) and while my hubby and I will slather the stuff on, the kids run screaming at the sight of the GREEN OOZE.  So we just split one of the individual packets, and since the other packets are still airtight, I'm not all like "Must use this stuff! Gaaaah!"

I do want to try one of their salsas or pico de gallo soon, so this coupon might go towards trying something new.  Hey, for free I can't go wrong!  Oh and I also got one of these Chip Clips in my Cravebox Resolutions box back in January, and I'm happy to report that the clip is still going strong, and was happy to have a twin join him in the drawer!

Well, my friends, that was the May Goodies Box!  What was your favorite item?

Disclaimer:  I am neither employed by nor affiliated with Goodies Co or any brand in the box.  This box was free this month due to my accumulation of points on their website, but I do normally pay $7 per month to receive it.  All reviews are my own opinions.

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