Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

I remembered this week!  So not sure how exactly I managed to forget to link up with Ramblings of a Suburban Mom last Thursday, but I am ON IT now!  What's on my mind this week?  Read on...

- Birchboxes are starting to arrive!  On several of the boxes posted in the MakeupTalk forum, a pen was included as the "Lifestyle Extra."  There is now a hot debate going on about said pen.  Some people (me included) are a bit miffed that a BEAUTY box is sending out a pen.  They shoe-horned in a connection by making this month's theme "Beauty Diaries", but I'm not impressed.  Of course there is another side.  Several people are excited about getting a pen.  They find them useful, will get more use out of a pen than a foil packet of face wash, and find this pen better than several past "extras" that Birchbox has sent (including Twistbands, Luna Bars, and laundry detergent).  What do you think?  Should a box that promises luxurious beauty samples send out pens?

- Ipsy bags are also in the mail!  I am SO geeked out about this month!  I love the bag, I love the contents, and I love that they're starting to include some variety, and customizing the bags!  We're getting a pastel Zoya polish, a Yaby concealer, either a Mirabella lipstick or a Juice Beauty lipgloss, and two of the following eight items: Pacifica Rollerball in Island Vanilla or Gardenia, Anastasia Brow Gel, Pacifica Body Butter in either Bronzer or Crushed Pearl, St. Tropez Instant Bronzer, Macadamia Hair Oil or Nume Argan Oil.  I'm hoping for one of the Pacifica Rollerball perfumes and the St. Tropez bronzer (I don't tan, but I'd like to try a wash-off bronzer).  And seriously, how cute is this bag going to be as a little clutch for when we go to the farmer's market this summer?

From an email Ipsy sent!

- I swear, my subscription boxes aren't the only thing on my mind!  We're heading home the first weekend in June for my brother-in-law's wedding, and I'm way excited!  The whole family is in the wedding (hubby- groomsmen, kids- ringbearers, and I'm doing a reading), and I'm trying to coordinate outfits, tux rentals, schedules, and having to pull the kids out of school for the last few days of the year.  Aaaaargh.  Although, gonna have to say that I'm happy my hubby will be along for the road trip this time!  Especially now that Dragon is potty-train (-ing? -ed? not sure what the right suffix is yet).

- And lastly, my thoughts and prayers go out to the three women who were held captive for over a decade.  Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight are amazing women, and I'm glad that their healing can begin.  And Charles Ramsey (the man that helped Amanda Berry kick down the door) is my hero.  He's awesome.

What's on your mind today?


  1. I am on Team NO PEN! I do not want a pen in my beauty sub box! I know it's an extra, but stillllll....
    If I get one it better be the best writing pen EV-ER!
    As for Ipsy, I am sooo excited! I don't think there is a bum product in the bunch! I will be happy with whatever I get. Of course, I do have preferences, but nothing I would be disappointed with.
    Here's hoping the dreaded pen will pass us by!

    1. Yay Team No Pen! I may change my mind if 1) it's the best pen ever and 2) it writes in pink. Still.

      I got Ipsy tracking today and I'm getting a free Urban Decay Moondust shadow in my bag! They said it's for being an "active contributor", I'm guessing because I blog about them just about all the time, lol!

      I hope that the Birchbox pen passes us by and we both get exactly what we want in our Ipsy bags!


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