Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pacifica Haul Unboxing! (Video)

Hellloooo, my lovelies!

I was pretty sad when I didn't get any Pacifica items in my Ipsy bag this month.  However, the fun and fantastic ladies of MakeupTalk showed me how to "stack" discount codes (i.e. use more than one per order) on Pacifica's website! Once I found out I could get free shipping (code has now expired), a free item for signing up for their mailing list (this is still going on), and 20% off of my whole order (using the Ipsy code this month!), I lost all sense of reason and sanity and went to their website to buy some pretties.

My justification for this was, I originally thought of buying a few more Ipsy bags to see if I could get some Pacifica.  Then I realized... Buy two more bags, and end up with a bunch of makeup items and maybe some Pacifica, or just go one their website and place a $20 order?  See?  I didn't lose my mind, it was totally logical and reasonable and... well.  Here's what I got!

This is the first of 3 videos I did today, I'll be releasing them on the blog over the next few days (and hopefully adding accompanying pictures and text reviews).  If you want to see something funny, just visit my YouTube channel and watch them sequentially.  I'm wearing my hair curly today and it was still a bit wet in this video.  As I make my way through the other two videos, my hair got dryer... and much more floofy!  What can I say, I'm easily entertained... and will make sure my hair is completely done next time I do 3 review videos in a row!



  1. Is it bad that I WANT the perfume tins? Not the perfume (allergies!), just the tins! SUPER cute! Love your haul :)

    1. Thank you! The tins are ADORABLE, and if I ever end up finishing the perfume (I own soooo many!) I will definitely have to get crafty with them! I love your tutorials on making palettes from tiny tins! Sorry you have allergies :(


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