Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Social

Sunday Social
I'm doing a new link-up this week!  No, I'm not giving up on Thursday Thoughts... I just completely spaced and forgot to do it this week! But it's a lazy Sunday morning around here and I thought I'd try something new.  So, welcome to Sunday Social from A Complete Waste of Makeup!

This Week's Questions:

1) What are your four favorite things to do on a weekend?

Oooh, I love weekends. On Saturday morning, both kids come into the master bedroom and we have a huge snugglefest.  Knight usually lays between us and chatters nonstop to his daddy (and doesn't mind at all that he only gets an occasional grunt in reply), and Dragon always has to lay directly on top of me (and rebuff any efforts by my husband to hold my hand or put his arm around me.  The Oedipus complex is strong with this child.)  The next thing we like to do on the weekends is eat out.  With all the stuff we do on weekends (playdates, birthday parties, etc), cooking becomes a logistical nightmare!  My 3rd favorite weekend thing is shopping (btw, the Lipstick Queen line is now sold at Ulta!  I picked up the Medieval lipstick I've been drooling over on the Birchbox website for, like, ever!).  And fourth, watching TV.  I try to keep a lid on it during the week, but I let the kids get a little crazy with Netflix over the weekend.

Tres chic, non?

2) What are your four favorite things about your best friend?

My hubby is my best friend (dawwwww), and here are my four favorite things about him:
-He's an amazing father. (And he looks great carrying a diaper bag!)
-He's really strong.  (I know, sounds kinda weird, but trust me, it's nice to have someone to do the heavy lifting!)
-He's a great driver (I hate driving. Don't know why, I just do.)
-He's really hot (He was a finalist in a local Hot Dads contest recently, so I have backup on this from hundreds of Internet voters!)

3) What are four things you'd do with $100,000?

-Pay off our remaining debt (I know, boring)
-Take a family vacation (Disney or Disney cruise? Decisions!)
-Leave the kids with Grandma and go on vacation without them (Paris, anyone?)
-Set up one of those "have a year's worth of expenses" savings accounts that everyone should have, but no one actually does.

Wow.  I'm boring.  Trust me, there would also be a lot of eating out and shopping in there (I would need a whole new wardrobe for Paris, of course) but sometimes you just gotta be an adult, right?

4) What are your four most favorite books you've ever read?

-Persuasion, by Jane Austen
-Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
-The Fire Rose, by Mercedes Lackey
- Her Royal Spyness, by Rhys Bowen

Yep, better than P&P.  Image Source 

5) What are your four most favorite snack foods?

-Dark Chocolate M&M's (I'm obsessed.  And that's OK)
-Cheetos (the poofy kind)
-Peanut-butter filled pretzels and bananas (amazing combo!)
-Tea and toast (I should have been British)

6) What are four things you MUST do daily?
-Get online and check Facebook, email, and MakeupTalk (I'm a moderator now, so I have an excuse to check it every 5 mins!)
-Ask Dragon if he has to go potty at least 50 times
-Read my favorite blogs
-Clean something (otherwise it's a waste of time, right?)

Feel like you know way too much about me now?  Me too.  So do your own Sunday Social!  Pick a question and answer it in the comments!

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