Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tastykake® Kandy Bar Kakes Review

First product review from my Spring Fever VoxBox from Influenster!  You all knew I'd dig into the food ASAP, right?  Well, the second I saw the Tastykake in there I threw aside any qualms I had about a business spelling their own product wrong, and dug right in!  Thankfully, I was able to control myself long enough to take a few pics (and to tell you that the Tastykake, along with the other items in the Voxbox, were provided to me for free for testing and review, and all opinions on these products are my own!).  Here's my first view of the deliciousness!

I was just going to scarf that baby down, but then I remembered you, dear readers, and realized that a picture of an empty wrapper and me with chocolate crumbs on my face probably wouldn't be my best option.  So I decided to make it pretty!

So pretty!
Also, my kids were home sick yesterday, so Mommy decided to be nice and share (sigh).  Especially because once I unwrapped it, I was treated to a constant stream of questions from Knight.  "What is that? Is it chocolate? Can I have some? Can I watch another movie? Is that cake? What's a S'more? Is that what we had yesterday?" (and yes, we did have S'mores the day before at a Memorial Day cookout.)  There were more questions, but I'm not going to torture you with them.

So MANY more questions.
I decided the fairest thing to do was cut it into three sections.  However, I'm not very good at cutting things equally.  So there was definitely a bigger piece.  And guess who got the biggest piece?

ME. That's who.
So we all got our snack on. Yum!  Definitely S'mores-like.  And while I'm sure that the marshmallow fluff and chocolate coating part was pretty easy to replicate in this bar, I have NO IDEA how they got the cake part to taste like graham crackers!  Basically, these are awesome, and I must hunt down more of them!  According to some other bloggers, there was also a Reese's peanut butter cup flavor sent, and I will find it if it's the last thing I do!

Have you ever tried a Tastykake?  And if not, would you?

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