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May 2013 Ipsy v. Birchbox Beauty Box BEATDOWN!

Let's get ready to rumblllllllllllle!!!! (You know that song just started playing in your head...)  Well guess what?  There was a total TKO in the beauty box ring this month.  It's almost funny how bad one box trashed another.  Curious?  Read on!  I'd love to know if you agree with me!

Here's the lineup this month:

Definitely the best $20 I spend all month long.
First of all, Ipsy had everyone all freaked out and excited this month because, for the first time, they did quite a bit of customization for the bags.  This definitely caused mixed feelings, as some people getting their bags are incredibly thrilled, while others are highly disappointed and feel that they got a bag that is "worse" than the others.  I had mixed feelings. There was definitely an item in there that is not meant for me, whether by my profile answers or the products I've "loved" on the Ipsy website.  You'll see when we get there.  Let's get this party started!

As you may already know, I divide the products up into completely arbitrary categories, decided by me.  This month was actually really hard, as none of the products matched up quite right.  But I did my best.

1) You're a Mouthy One, Aren't You?

From Birchbox, Marvis Toothpaste in "Classic Strong Mint", 0.5 oz.  From Ipsy, Juice Beauty Lipgloss in Pink, 0.14 oz.  When I found out that Birchbox was sending me toothpaste, my first reaction was "Seriously?  Birchbox, you're my splurge, not my mom!"  I know that this is a beauty sub, and can include items from the full range of making yourself (including your teeth) beautiful.  And I'm sure this is just the most spectacular toothpaste ever - you have to admit, the tube is really cute.  But it just will not win against lipgloss.  Organic, non-sticky, beautiful pink lipgloss.  Ipsy? WINNER.

2) Four-letter Words

Runa.  Yaby.  Not the four-letter words you were thinking of, perhaps.  But it's the only way I could find to link them.  I received a 4-pack of Runa tea from Birchbox, and a refill pan of concealer from Yaby (they sent out the cute little eyeshadow pans in March, that fit into the magnetic compact).  I have been WAITING for a concealer from a sub company, and this color (Buff) is perfect!  Although it may only be perfect during the summer months, when my skin has a tiny bit of color.  Although this is a total win for me, this seems to be Ipsy's greatest problem this month with their match technology.  I have seen dark-skinned ladies get Vanilla (lighter than Buff!), and pale ladies get Pecan (a dark, yellow-based shade).  This is definitely an Ipsy WIN for me, but I really hope they get it together for all the disappointed Ipsy subscribers up there! (The tea is supposed to be super-charged with caffeine, so I'm giving them to my hubby.  Caffeine is no bueno for me.)

3) Classic Beauty

What is more classic than red lipstick and black eyeliner?  I got both this month - a full-size Mirabella lipstick in Posy (technically, it's a dark bright pink, but it's close enough to red for me!) from Ipsy, and a sample size Sumita eye pencil in Suman (black).  I. Have. So. Many. Black. Eyeliners.  It's a common thing to send in sample boxes, because who doesn't need a black eyeliner?  Um, me.  And this is actually the second black eyeliner I've received from Birchbox (but I love the Eyeko Liquid Pen, so it's all good).  The reviews so far are good for the liner, but it'll have to wait in line just like all the others.  The lipstick?  I turned it so you can't see, but I've already used it several times!  It's from Mirabella's Colour Sheer line, so it's a very glossy, sheer lipstick that is a great pink!  I bet you can't guess who wins this round... Ipsy!

4) Save Me From the Sun

From Birchbox, Coola Moisturizer with SPF 30, 0.23 fl oz.  From Ipsy, St. Tropez Instant Glow Body Lotion, 1.69 fl oz.  This.  This is the item that I got from Ipsy and immediately went "Whaaaaaat?"  I don't tan.  I mean, I do get some sun accidentally, I have kids that occasionally want to go outside and play, and I generally remember to put on sunscreen about 30 minutes after we go outside.  The Coola, however, is awesome!  It smells good, and I'm putting it into my morning moisturizer routine so my face will never be without sunscreen!  I thought about trading the St. Tropez, but someone on the MakeupTalk boards suggested mixing it with lotion and using it on my legs (which always remain much lighter than my arms).  It is a bronzer, not a self-tanner, so it will wash right off if it looks ridiculous.  But it's definitely not my favorite.  Guess what?  Birchbox WINS this round!

5) Perfect Pastels

Yeah, once again, I had no idea how to link these until I put them next to each other and thought "This looks like an Easter Basket!"  It's my first Zoya polish, and everyone went NUTS when they revealed this as a spoiler.  I got the color Blu, and it was not my first choice.  But I did a manicure with it yesterday, and it's growing on me.  I'm going to try it as a base under glittery polishes, or as a tip for a french manicure.  I also have had the Amika mask before (I bought one from Birchbox after seeing all the rave reviews when it was sent out before).  The mask is good, but once it was gone, I started using one from John Frieda that 1) works just as well and 2) costs way less.  So I'll enjoy having this, I'll use it when I travel, but I'm not going to buy it again.  While there are some Zoya polishes that are just calling my name.  Ipsy?  WINNER!

And finally, just when you think that the contest is over, and Ipsy is the clear winner, well guess what?  Ipsy actually sent me more items!  The bag this month was AMAZING.  It was a Missoni-style chevron print in teal, turquoise, orange, and white, lined in solid turquoise. It is the perfect clutch size, and will be going with me all this summer to farmer's markets, field trips, and anywhere that I don't want to carry a full-size purse.  It already had a trial run at a field trip this Tuesday to a children's museum, and it was great!  But... that's not it. Because I interact with Ipsy on their webpage, Facebook page, I blog about them, and I recently started doing unboxing videos, they sent me (and many other subscribers) a full-size Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow.  Mine was in the shade Space Cowboy, and it is a super-shimmery nude color, and it is AMAZING.

The bag and eyeshadow.

Actually, that picture doesn't do the eyeshadow justice, so here's a pic from the Urban Decay website:

Image Source

So, can you see why Ipsy totally knocked out Birchbox this month?  I'm hoping Birchbox steps it up next month, I still love them, I swear.  But this:

kicked the pants off of this:

Do you get both subs? Which one did you like better this month?


  1. Love the comparison! We were ALMOST perfect Ipsy bag twins! I received the Daydream lipstick and the Glitter Rock UD. We were close to being Birchbox twinsies too!

    Hey, fun news! I tagged your blog in a post entitled "Beauty Things I Suck At!!". It's a hilarious tag post that I had so much fun writing, check it out!

    1. Yay for Twinsies! The Daydream lipstick looks really pretty, but I just got a sheer neutral in my Starlooks box last month so I'm actually liking the brightness of Posy. And hey, another blogger just let me know that we weren't actually supposed to get both the lipstick and lipgloss... our Glam Rooms say Mirabella Powder/Lipgloss/Glimmer Gloss... she emailed Ipsy to let them know and they're sending out the right item! I just thought I was crazy!

      And thanks so much for tagging me in your post, I'm going to have to do one, too! There are many beauty things I suck at!

    2. Oh my goodness, are you kidding?! So what were we supposed to get? a lip item and something else??? I was kind of bumfuzzled as to why we'd get both! Should I email them all well? Do you know what we're supposed to get?

    3. We were supposed to get one of the 3 Mirabella items (powder/glimmer gloss/lip pencil), if you look at your glam room on the Ipsy site, it doesn't have a lipstick in there at all! And yes, just email them and let them know the items you received don't match your glam room!


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