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Palmolive Soft Touch Review

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I'm stuck at home with two sick (but still very loud) kids, so I thought while I had them distracted with a movie I'd go ahead and do a review for a product I received from Influenster recently.  May I first start by saying that I have long used dish soaps from the dollar store.  They did the job well enough, and I wasn't expecting much. Soap is soap, right?  Well, then I discovered Dawn - and it's amazing (but harsh) cleaning properties, and I was hooked.  I had found my soap!  It was strong and could cut through anything!  And since I don't do dishes by hand too often (the inventor of the dishwasher has my eternal adoration), the fact that it wrecked my hands didn't matter.  I have plenty of lotion.

Then Influenster sent me two bottles of Palmolive Soft Touch.  I want to say two FULL bottles, but (like many people) one of my bottles busted in the mail.  My package arrived in a plastic bag, packed with paper towels on the bottom.

Part of me wanted to just toss the whole thing, but then I was like well... all the gross gooey stuff is SOAP.  And it will wash off!  So I bit the bullet and opened it up from the relatively non-soaked end.

I did say "relatively", right?
Oh my gosh.  Then I pulled out several feet of soap-soaked bubble wrap.  Thankfully, the first bottle I grabbed (the cocoa butter one) was OK.  But the poor, pink Vitamin E...

That's just sad.
As you can see, between half and two-thirds of the soap is gone!  I'm sorry, I didn't think to take close-ups at the time, but if you look closely, you'll see that the cap part is smashed in on the pink bottle.  Like I said, many people had this issue (some people lost both bottles, other people lost just a bit out of one, and thankfully, most came intact!), and we were provided with an email address to report the issue.  Well, I did - on May 14th.  I'm honestly a bit surprised that I haven't received a reply in over 2 weeks, but I've just decided to do my best with what I've got.  I'm ok with testing the soap - but they did send coupons in the box (that were utterly soaked and destroyed... the barcode ink was blurred, which made them unusable) that I wish had gotten replaced.  But like I said... I'm working with what I've got.

I tried just keeping the smashed cap on the pink one - I unscrewed it and poured soap out when I needed it.  However, this meant I waaaay overpoured the soap when I tried to use it, and I was wasting it!  So I switched caps, thinking that the Cocoa Butter wouldn't be hurt by chilling in the cabinet with a mushed cap til I ran out.  Hopefully I remember to switch the caps back when I get rid of the empty pink bottle!

Ok, enough about the broken bottle, right?  You want to hear about the soap inside!  Well, I'm definitely buying more bottles of this stuff.  I finished washing a few dishes the other day and was both surprised and thrilled at how soft my hands were.  And I didn't lose any of the effectiveness on grease!  This stuff cleans like a champion!  The scent is awesome, too, very soft and floral.  (The cocoa butter is more rich and vanilla-y).  The two bottles are now living happily in my kitchen:


I even made a little ad for their "Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands!" slogan!

Mad Men, here I come!

Bottom line is, I definitely recommend Palmolive Soft Touch!  I do advise that you pick it up in person, because if you order it online, you may just have to resign yourself to a soapy box! It's available at Walmart and other big box stores (and probably local grocery stores, too!) So go get yourself some Palmolive!  Don't let your hands get shredded by cheap or harsh soaps!

Have you tried Palmolive?  What's your favorite scent?

Disclaimer - I received these soaps free through Influenster, and am not compensated for my reviews.  All opinions are my own!

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  1. I am so cheap..I always end up getting store brand! I love smelling the nice stuff though :P


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