Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

As moms, we're always looking for ways to keep our kids safe.  One of those ways is using eco-friendly products whenever possible.  Another way is ensuring that the environments in which they live and learn are also eco-friendly.  I entered this contest for my kids' school because I believe that eco-improvements could help - not just for my kids, but for all future students.  I already love my boys' elementary school, but adding improvements like a school garden or solar panels could help them lower costs and be even more amazing!

-Did you know that school test scores improve when children can learn in an eco-friendly environment?  Natural light, low-VOC paints, and non-toxic building materials are all ways schools can improve classrooms.

-When schools improve their energy efficiency by switching to low-energy bulbs and low-flow toilets, they can save a ton of money on energy and water costs.  They can use this money to get better books, materials, and technology for their students!  Amazing what a big difference little changes can make, right?

-Lastly, schools can make the world a better place for future students by having a smaller carbon footprint!

Unfortunately, many schools lack the funds to make this initial investment into becoming more eco-friendly.  That's why I'm encouraging you to enter the Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition, Presented by Pureology!  Just click this link:

Have fun entering your school!  If you already know what kind of improvements your school needs, you're good to go!  Just so you know, they ask for 3-5 pictures of the school showing the improvements that need to be made.  Other than that, just go for it!

Disclaimer:  I found out about this contest through Influenster, and I'm spreading the word!  I did not receive any monetary compensation for entering this contest or blogging about it.

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