Monday, March 18, 2013

Mondays are for Moms

Yup, that's me.  Mondays aren't the bane of my existence anymore, but I do still have a lot to get done today!  I had a really great weekend - it's warming up here (yay Spring!), so there was lots of playing outside and yardwork on Saturday, and I had lunch with a friend on Sunday.  We had alllll our kids with us, so that poor Olive Garden will never be the same, but I think I remember a few sentences of adult conversation!

But now that it's Monday, back into the fray!  I  have declared today an official Laundry Day, and the second load is in the dryer now.  I'm also folding all of the loads I did last week, but dumped unceremoniously into the guest room because I was busy with other stuff.  (You do that, right?  Where do you put your laundry til you fold it?)

We're going to be heading home this weekend, and staying til Easter.  Thank goodness for Spring Break, I know Dragon and Knight are ready for a week off from school, and they are definitely excited for the parade of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!  The Easter Bunny has decided to wait until we're back home to get all the stuff for baskets (kind of kills the magic when you have to try hiding two baskets' worth of stuff on a long road trip) but this is pretty much the first year that I'm totally OK about filling the baskets with candy.  Before this year, I tried to do mainly toys/games, but I'm going for a 50/50 split nowadays.  They can handle the sugar.  I'll just pack extra toothpaste!

I hope you're having a spectacular Monday, and whether you're working, working at home, or staying at home with your laundry like me, do something special for yourself today.  You deserve it.


  1. I had a busy Monday, but the laundry awaits me tomorrow. UGH.

  2. And the worst part is, I don't mind actually doing laundry, it's the folding and putting away that I can't stand! I hope it goes well for you! I still have one more load to fold... it's just sitting in the dryer, laughing at me!


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